Broken Hearted Gleek

* Spoiler Alert!  I’ve waited a couple of weeks to post this, but if you are like me and have some episodes of Glee still siting on that PVR, skip this post and c’mon back later.

True confession.  I am a Gleek.  I’m not sure who the target demographic Glee is aimed at, but this 40 year old Mama from the Suburbs likes to get her Gleek on.  A little popcorn, huddled in front of the TV and I am ready to get my couch dancing on to the awesome singing.  The hot (30 year old??) High School boys aren’t hard to look at either.

Other things I adore about Glee.  They sometimes provide some awesome teachable moments.  Everyone is accepted at Glee Club no matter their size, their colour, their social status or their ability.  It’s a good message.  They have touched on chastity, issues of self confidence, teen pregnancy, and bullying.  The last two episodes had me on the edge of my couch as two of the main character’s, Rachel and Finn decided is was a grand idea to get married.  At 18.  What?  Apparently the parents and all the friends supported this high school wedding and the festivities were planned. The only person against this sacred union.  Quinn. 

As the show progresses we see stubborn Quinn the only character capable of independent thought? finally buckle under and agree to stand beside the happy couple as they say their I do’s.  She just has to run and get her bridesmaids dress.  This dress retrieval is taking far too long for   Rachel, dressed up in her Wedding finery, and pacing.. pacing …pacing.  She begins texting Quinn to see what is taking so very long.  At first Quinn does the right then and ignores her beeping phone.  She is driving!  Predictably, Quinn can’t taking the bleating of her phone for very long and leans over to do a quick check.  Just send one fast text.


Uh oh.  Do you see that big old truck coming?  Yep.  In that one fleeting moment she is broadsided.  SMASH and end of show.  Blackness. 

Breathless.  I was breathless.  Would the writers of Glee send such a strong message, such an important message?  You should never text and drive.  I couldn’t wait for the next episode. 

…and then, disappointment.  Almost disgust?

Quinn comes rolling down the hall of her beloved school in a wheelchair.  Huge smile on her face, “I’m Still Standing” playing in the background.  We aren’t sure how much time has passed, but all indications are it hasn’t been that long.  She has not one hair out of place, not a scratch.  She almost casually announces that her spine has been compressed, that yes, she is in this wheelchair for now, but she “WILL walk into that auditorium for Regionals”  Or some such nonsense. 

For real?  Is this the message we are going to send to our youth?  To everyone?  If you get a slushie with rocks in it thrown in your eye, like Blain did a few episodes back,  you spend weeks in your bed convalescing until surgery can be arranged.  Bullying clearly should not be tolerated and has serious ramifications.  BUT if you text and drive and get broadsided by a truck, you will be just fine.  Yes, you will think twice about texting and driving in the future, but not to worry, your future still looks rosy!  Just sing a few songs in a wheelchair, keep a positive attitude and say a few prayers and all will be well. 

Sigh.  I am a broken hearted Gleek.  I expected more. 

What did you think?  Did Glee get it right, or sadly miss the mark?


  1. I thought it was really weird too. At first I liked that they were going with such an important teen topic (even made sure my 12 year old watched it), but then they totally flubbed it.

    Which is really unGlee like.

    And she isn’t even in the next episode.

  2. sounds like they flubbed it…not usually a glee watcher…

  3. I read blogs of fans, but have never watched the show. I agree–it seems that they missed a great opportunity to plant a seed. A seed that could save a young life.

  4. I agree. They’ve delved into some pretty heavy issues. And then this? It was like they were afraid to hurt one of their main characters. Glee is starting to get a little dull. My daughter and I still love it, but sometimes feel like we’re watching it just to get to New Girl and Raising Hope (not exactly teachable shows, but flipping hilarious!).

  5. I definitely saw it differently. Artie confronts her about her sunny attitude and the fact that she’s not facing reality and I think in those moments we see the severity of the situation. She’s putting on her brave Quinn face and she’s refusing to acknowledge that there is a possibility that she won’t walk, won’t go to Yale etc, because (as I saw it) she is clearly terrified to deal with any other possibility. I think a lot of people, especially overachievers like Quinn, would react the same way. Just because she stubbornly believes she’ll walk again for Regionals doesn’t mean that she actually will, but hope is never a bad things.

    Also, my prediction is that, even if she is walking with crutches by the end of the season they writers will still have her injuries be severe enough that she stays in Lima instead of going to Yale as a way to keep her character on the show.

    My two cents…

  6. I see it differently too. I think that she will be permanently I. The chair. I think they will keep her in Lima as a result. I think she is totally in denial and artie was right. The doctors painted a rosie picture. I thought was scary to see the truck hit her. My oldest often watches with me and she was scared. I don’t think she would text and drive after seeing that show. The smash wsd enough to scare my daughter. I was shocked that they skipped right over her waking up in hospital though. That was odd to me, like they jumped right over a whole month. Strange.


  7. i honestly thought that they were going to kill her off when that happened..i mean half of them aren’t coming back next year…
    I was disappointed when i saw her in the next episode looking completely fine, but in a wheelchair…no glimpse at the hospital and many surgeries she would have had to have..her face is entirely scratch free..etc etc.
    I love her character and was just completely annoyed that they just brushed the accident aside..

    they totally missed the mark.

  8. I agree with you 100%!!!! She should have been laid up in the hospital because of her injuries (stupidity)
    Both my daughter and I noticed that.
    But I still love Glee. 🙂

  9. I don’t watch – so I don’t know the storylines, etc. but it seems to me that this was a VERY teachable moment that has been lost now.

  10. I agree, I expected more also. I didn’t think the wheel chair was the right way to come back after that accident. I did like that they pointed out that texting and driving don’t mix. I love Glee but I’ve always been a little upset that Artie is in a wheel chair when in real life he can walk.

  11. I was so freaked out when I saw the episode of her getting hit… I thought for sure she’d have gotten killed… I mean, really. An accident, an impact like that? I’m sure it would be very hard to survive. And while the message is still somewhat there, it would have had more impact if they had showed viewers the worst case scenario, you know?

  12. I have never even seen the show, but with a brother who was paralyzed in an accident? SHit, that just makes me fume! Way to gloss over the REALLy hard stuff that goes with an accident and spinal cord injury. Idiots!

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