What? Do I Look Scared?


Conquering our fears (kinda) at Animal Kingdom. 

Clearly I am in complete control. 

Sigh, how do I get talked into these things??


  1. No you don’t look scared at all…

    (Could you tell I was lying?)

  2. Actually, YOU look like your laughing. It’s your friend that looks like she’s screaming her head off, while simultaneously peeing her pants!!

  3. I hope you are having so much fun!

  4. Yeah, i am not that brave! You’d see a pic of me on the bench waiting! lol.

    YOU ROCK!!! woot!

  5. ha…looks like someone is having a lot of fun!!

  6. Jealous! You look like your having a blast!

  7. ahhhahh fun!!!!!

  8. Cool! looks like so much fun!

  9. You still manage to look cute, even when scared. 🙂

  10. Love that ride!!! Conquering your fears are good:-)

  11. You look scared and cute at the same time. I’m starting to not like you. 🙂

  12. Have a great trip. Looks like fun despite the screaming.

  13. Now that looks fun! I’m totally jealous.

  14. Now that looks fun! I’m totally jealous.

  15. Looks like fun! It was closed when we went in Jan. 🙁

  16. What? You look like you’re having a blast.

  17. Looks like so much fun!!!!

  18. That is PURE AWESOME!

  19. I’ve never understood why anyone wants to go on roller coasters. I personally hate them and will happily wait with the bags!

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