The Walk In Clinic Game

I’m still on vacation!  Hope everyone is healthy and happy, hope no one is playing the horrible walk in clinic game that I played back in December of 2009! 


My stupid back is out. Boo me. It’s a long standing problem that is not resolving itself with acupuncture, phyiso or chiropractic’s. Called my Doctors office this morning because frankly I have had it. Big shocker. She is closed until the New Year. I guess because Doctors are people, they get to take holidays too.

Anyhow….I’m pretty good at dealing with the pain as long as I’m sure of what it is. As long as some professional with a stethoscope confirms for me that I’m gonna be ok. It hurts, it sucks I’ll get over it.

On a side note, weird pain should never be googled. Google is not my friend. Strange back pain suddenly turns into an impending heart attack or some debilitating degenerative disease.

Ahh but I digress (let’s blame the drugs!)

So now that I am at the end of my proverbial rope I call Doctors Relief to see if they can squeeze a girl in pain in for a quick appointment. I am in luck. I am in.

Jump, errr ….limp to my car and I am off.

Shuffle into the waiting room.


I have just walked into a freakin petri dish!

I caved and came to this part time Doctors office because frankly my friends, I was desperate and sick of hearing myself whine. Pathetic. Now I have to walk all the way across a crowded room of coughing, sneezing, sniffling, white and pasty looking peeps without catching some sort of nasty!

It is like a mine field!

From the door to the reception desk I dodge two sneezes and a cough. Yuck. Sick people.

Fill out my paperwork and now I have to sit down somewhere. Are you kidding?

As I scan the room I do my very own triage assessment.

Sweaty red nose chic with a handful of tissue, you have a cold. Go home. Doc can’t help you and I’m not sitting next to you.

Mom with 2 toddlers rubbing your head and shaking your leg. You are still in your Pj’s at noon and I recognize that circular temple rub. Migraine? Can’t catch those. The chair next to yours has possibility. Wait a minute is that a barf bowl under your chair? eeek!

Ah ha…2o something, well dressed, arms crossed and rubbing your ear. Little Miss Ear Infection, you are my new chair buddy.

Now I just have to keep to myself for the next 20 minutes and hope for the best.

Finally my name is called.

Doc prescribes some super strong drugs and a side of muscle relaxants.

Thanks and blessings.

Snag some hand sanitizer on the way out and make my escape.

Here’s hoping the drugs work, I didn’t catch some new nasty ailment and I don’t have to play the triage game again for a long time.


*Yes, this post is a repeat, but it still rings so true!


  1. So did you end up sick? I HATE going to the doctor’s office because we usually leave with something far worse than what we went in with.

  2. I hate those clinics! I still go, but they are a miserable experience, to be sure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. Good luck with the back and the pain meds… I hope you don’t get sick.

    Triage the waiting room, must rmemeber the term

  4. Yes this is why I often avoid taking my kids to the dr as they often leave worse than when we went in!

  5. I am a ridiculous germ phobic. I drive around with with my hand sanitizer like soap on a rope. Have a good vacation.

  6. I’m the guy with the kids, except they are running around like hyenas while I sit there and secretly hope they’ll call me sooner so the kids will be gone, lol.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  7. kathy downey says:

    This is quite awhile ago i hope you got those back issues fixed up !

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