An amazing photographer and great writer at Mamahood Among Other Things tagged me in a Meme!  Eleven, eleven, eleven.  Now I don’t usually play along with memes, but since I adore this Mama, and to tell the truth I think I must have burnt some brain cells in that Florida Sun as I’m struggling for some original content, I figured I would do a little over sharing and see what ya think!




Eleven Random Facts

I think pre-teen girls are among the meanest creatures on the planet.

I believe you can never have enough quality chocolate.

I met my Husband on spring break in Cancun Mexico.

I might be addicted to reality TV.

I believe in Karma.

I am a big baby when I am sick.  I’m not proud of this. 

I don’t leave the house with out my blackberry.

I don’t know how parents survived before cell phones.

I own a black lab with lots of grey whiskers.  She is old.

I’m great at doing laundry, I just suck at putting it away.

I’m guilty of hiding chocolate in the house so I don’t have to share with my kids.  I told you there could never be enough chocolate!

Eleven Questions Assigned To Me

1.  What is your bag style?

~Right now I prefer a big red purse that can carry everything from my phone to my laptop.  I really should carry something smaller, this huge beauty gets too heavy and hurts my back!

2.  Do you collect anything?

~Um…besides dust bunnies?  I would say travel books.  I hate to admit how much I love travel books, oh and shoes.

3.  What is one beauty advice you swear by.

~Sunscreen in your make-up, always a good idea!

4.  Pet Peeves.

~Slow drivers.  People who chew with their mouths open.  Gas passers in closed spaces.  Rude, just saying.

5.  Do you recycle gifts?

~Ha.  No.

6.  If you are to give yourself a Native American name, what would it be (Sitting Pretty, Laughing Burp…)?

~Right now I would be “Sleepless Mama”.

7. Do you still read the papers or do you get most of your news on line?

~They still make papers?

8. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

~I’m thinking a cat.  An indoor cat.  Someone feeds you, pets you, tells you how beautiful you are every day, buys you super cute toys and cleans up after you?  That’s not all bad.

9. Do you still write letters and cards or do you do them electronically these days?

~Sigh, not like I should.

10.  Leather watch strap or metal?


11. What was your favourite subject at school?

~Not math!  Everything to do with English and Literature. 

Eleven Questions For YOU

1.  What colour are your toe nails?  Do you paint them in the winter?

2. If you could take a vacation tomorrow, where would you jet off to?

3.  Are you a good “parker”?  You know.  How are those car parking skills?  (My parking skill, not so good)

4.  Team IPhone or Team Blackberry.

5.  You have to come up with a super quick, super easy and awesome app for a PTA meeting tonight.  What’s your go to crowd pleaser?

6.  If someone gave you $200.00 err $600 and told you, “You must spend it on yourself.”  What would you buy? (me, I’d consider accepting this Blue Topaz number by Matthew Campbell Laurenza.  Sigh shopping at Neiman Marcus on line is dangerous!)


Photo credit http://www.neimanmarcus.com/

7.  Have you read the Hunger Games?

8.  Favourite book of all time?  (I’m working on my summer reading list!)

9.  Favourite movie of all time?


10.  What’s your bedtime?  (I have a serious getting to bed too late problem, hoping I am not alone!)

11.  If you could go back in time, and see 16 year old you, what one thing would you tell your 16 year old self? 

Now who do I beg to play along?  Oh I’m really really bad at that.  I’d love if you all did!  Please do and then come on back and tell me! I’d love to hear your oversharing!



  1. ha…on hiding chocolate….sleepless mama…lol…met on spring break, interesting….tell us more…smiles.

    and nice pic

  2. Sleepless Mama, you are not alone (and you look fab, for someone who doesn’t get enough sleep!). I hardly ever get to bed until at least midnight… I’m a very good reverse park-er, but totally suck at parallel parking!

    So glad you played along! I really enjoyed your “oversharing,” haha! 🙂

  3. Gonna do this meme! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. Looks like fun! I’ll play, as soon as I get a moment to get on my computer….lol. Love it!

  5. Looks like Paris to me. Mine was from Paris too! I also hide chocolate. Love your pet peeves 🙂
    Loved reading your answers. Have a great week ahead of you.

  6. Hi. I haven’t been here in so long. Shame on me.

    Sitting pretty laughing burp is hilarious. That’s my 6 year old daughter.

  7. Very entertaining Stephanie.

    I think the least favorite part here about laundry is the folding. I am getting better at not putting items in the wrong person’s drawer, but my folding would def prevent me from every going into a career in retail.

  8. Yep, girls can be mean, can’t they?
    Laundry? Eww.

  9. I hide chocolate too! guilty! lol

  10. So true about the pre-teens … and that includes my daughter I’m ashamed to say. Sweet as sugar the one moment and then mean as can be the next.

    Enjoyed reading your answers!

  11. Like your answers. I have been known to hide chocolate too!

  12. This is a great posting I have read. I like your article.

  13. Hmmm, I can somehow relate to that hiding chocolate thing. Shhh!

    I love a good, big bag where you can stuff your life in, but you are probably right that they are not good for our bodies!

  14. Hi!

    Love your “Oversharing” I’ll do this Meme too… Ilove chocolate too and hide some in my desk drawers (great for crappy Mondays!)Laundry isn’t bad compared to washing pots & pans or cleaning the litter box… Yep, cats are cool, I’d be nice to be a cat (better than a dog)

  15. I make sure my makeup has sunscreen in it too! I have watch straps of every kind of imaginable material, I think!

  16. I love your oversharing….and that photo of you is so cute!
    I never leave the house without sunscreen, my iPhone or hurts bees lip gloss!!!
    Who wears a watch anymore? LOL!!!

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