Just Because I’m In A Convertible Doesn’t Mean I Want To Talk To You

There is something crazy going on up here in Canada.  By some miracle of Mother Nature winter ended over night, spring was skipped entirely, and we landed head first…(white unshaven legs and all)….right smack into summer.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I ADORE summer,  (and am trying very hard not to let the over thinker in me freak out because seriously, what is wrong with the world that we can skip an entire season?  Will Global Warming KILL us all?) 

So where was I?  Oh yah! Summer is here, so what did I do?  I became the obnoxious girl who decided it was a-okay to put the top down on the car!  Woot woot.  Convertible top down in March!  Setting records people, and I am one crazy happy Canadian girl!

Until…people started….irritating me.

Um, there was the random shout of “Hey Babe, Nice Car!”  Truth, I kind of liked freakin loved this attention until I noticed it was a SIXTEEN year boy child yelling it at me.  Ick factor.  Where`s your Daddy boy?  Let’s talk to him!  Sigh.  I so do not have what it takes to make it as a Cougar.

Ashes flying from the Volkswagen in front of me and landing in my pretty car!  Ahhh!  BUTT out.  That is disgusting.  Not only that, now I’m the girl talking to strangers in their cars!

Oh, and to the pack of little bicyclists who felt the need to run the stop sign and ride their bikes right in front of my car causing me to jam on my breaks.  Yes, that was me yelling at you that your Mama’s would not be happy with your irresponsible behaviour! 

It’s official…the weather has turned this Mama into a disciplining strangers from the car, fighting the cougar within, sun loving, top down crazy Canadian girl!

Look out…it’s gonna be a long summer.


  1. LOL too funny! I miss hubby’s convertible! I would have loved to have it this week. I am hoping the weather reports are wrong and this weather stays with us. I love the 25C weather. Bring it on! 🙂

  2. it’s been amazing weather here as well. enjoy it because who knows when/if it’s going to end.

  3. haha! great post! but now you have me thinking…what do you drive??

  4. Weather in Cananda doesn’t fall far from our weather here in Minnesota. We have had several days of temps in the mid-70’s. I’m thrilled!

  5. Oh fun! I drove a convertible for 7 years… My favorite guilty pleasure was to listen to britney spears (I know!!!). After awhile, it lost its fun factor so I sold it. Great post, it was fun to read!

  6. I know! It’s either a sign of the appacolypse or I may need to start believing In a god.
    It’s amazing. Over 20 degrees, we have spent all out time outside, and the 8 plus hours outside is finally enough outdoor time to get the twins to sleep!

    (but apparently its going back down to seasonal next week)

  7. haha…but you got a little sun right? its been over 80 most of the week here…

  8. I only wish it was warm enough to put the top down (of the car!). And then I guess I would have to wish for a convertible.

  9. Here is Florida, USA we didn’t have a winter. We had like two or three days of cold sporadically in January and February, but no winter really. Shorts and tanks on Christmas. It was strange. Now it’s only March and it’s like 90 degrees already. This summer might kill us, seriously.

  10. We too are loving this weather, it was so nice to not have a fire going last night and it still be nice in the house. 🙂

  11. Ha, we are experiencing the same weather pattern. Glad to be an uncool family minivan driver hearing all of your less than positive experiences.

  12. I’m loving it too. But I don’t have a convertible. I was riding around in the minivan today with the windows down, but some how I think, it’s just not the same…

  13. We missed Summer, I am so sad – it rained all season and there were no hot hot hot days. Usually its hot hot hot all summer long. You must be enjoying what we missed out on!!

  14. Thanks for the early morning giggle! My job requires me to say, “Would your Mama be proud of you if she knew you were doing that?” a LOT!

    And I have a friend that got paid to do this huge research project and yes, it does exist, but we aren’t supposed to know that.

  15. I dont think there is anything more fun than riding in a convertible on a nice day! Enjoy!

  16. I might be the only person on the planet who does note enjoy a convertible. I always feel so vulnerable…and this post has concreted that though. 🙂 Butts?? YUCK!

  17. LOL I totally hear you on global warming killing us all. This freakish weather is totally giving me an anxiety attack!

  18. LOL I totally hear you on global warming killing us all. This freakish weather is totally giving me an anxiety attack!

  19. Maybe there is a reason for Spring, people can ease into summer and not be so crazy!

  20. lol so funny! you still look like a teen that boy probably thought you were in his class, not the same age as his teacher! lol

  21. I was also enjoying the balmy weather last week in New York. While cruising around in my husband’s black, Mustang convertible, a young guy coolly pulled up next to me at a red light. He said “nice car” in a slightly flirtatious tone and I felt my cheeks turning red! Didn’t he realize he was addressing a 40-year-old mother of three? Perhaps between the car, my sunglasses, and the fact that I sit pretty low in the driver’s seat fooled him. Long live the convertible as an answer to any mid-life crisis!

  22. kathy downey says:

    You brighten my day with your post,i love them !!

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