The One Where I Rant About Parents Who Need To Do Their Jobs!

It’s YOUR job:

To know the passwords for their e-mail accounts.

To check out their Facebook pages.

To be aware of what they are wearing to school.

To know who their friends are.

To set limits, have rules.

To teach them right from wrong.

To encourage them that kindness is not an option.

To set an example.

To create a safe place for them to fall.

To come down on them when they are out of line.

To know that they are not perfect, and neither are you.

To help them choose the right path.

To have a zero tolerance for bitcheness and bullies.

To encourage your child to be tolerant and inclusive of others.

To be a PARENT not a FRIEND.

Being a parent is a lifetime commitment, it doesn’t stop just because our little “angels” are capable of showering, dressing and feeding themselves.  I would dare to say that when our babies reach their teens, the work has just begun.  Open your eyes Mama’s of the Suburbs.  Do you know what your teen is doing?  Do your job, don’t just be a parent, be a good parent.  One day, your children will thank you for it.

End of Rant.


  1. Great advice Stephanie!

  2. Being a middle school teacher, I wish I could print this list out and give it to the parents of all my students. Too many parents these days don’t do any of what is so important about being a parent.

  3. Never understand why mums with a choice go back to work when kids hit teens. I’m a full time working mum but I try to be ‘available’ more now than I ever was. They don’t need faces wiping but they need fruit pushing at them instead of chocolate, they need you to be ready to listen when they are prepared to talk, you need to be watching thieir Internet screen over their shoulder (openly and relaxed pass bys not spying or controlling) you need to be there and then live by the morals you want to instill in them. I think you are dam right.

  4. lot of truth in this one…and this list encompasses many of the things i have to teach parents when i go into a home

  5. A-FRICKIN-MEN Steph! I may just print this out! <3

  6. I’m a parent of a high functioning special needs child. Basically, she has the physical and social functions of a normal teenager but not the academics to back it. She just doesn’t understand things that normal teenagers do. It truly is a blessing to be a parent of this wonderful child!

    However, the same advice you have encouraged still applies! I am one of those “mean”parents that does not believe that my child has to have a Facebook page! Some people may think I am taking the easy way out, but for any parent that has a child with a Facebook page and has taken it away, you know the pain!

    I am very involved with my child on a daily basis. Her not having a phone right now and not having computer time, allows my family to remain close! Being a teenager is a rite of passage, having a Facebook is not. Ok, I’m done ranting myself now! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


    Just the other day, Murray (age 4) was angry at me and said, “You’re not my friend, anymore, Mama!” I answered with, “That’s okay. I’m your Mom, not your friend.” He didn’t quite know how to respond to that, and later, we talked about the difference.

    Teen years are a ways off…sigh.

  8. With an 8m old who thinks I’m the bees knees right now and the most she can do is clap and wave, I’m going to be that mom who just says “AMEN SISTER!” without any knowledge of what a toddler or teenager is like. (There’s a reason I said all that :))

  9. I hear you Stephanie.

    We have a friend who teaches Kindergarten and she will meet with parents of potential new students about if they are ready for school or should wait a year. Often, she will advise the parents that the kiddo needs another year of maturity and frequently, the parents could care less and are only interested in dumping the child off at school for the day since it makes their lives easier.

    The same “parents” will then proceed to violate every rule on your rant list as the kids get older.

  10. Love it. I work with at-risk youth and their families, and the enabling and friend behaviors are out of control. It does them NO favors.

  11. Amen! Parents need to pay attention…be a part of their lives. Maybe we’d have less violence in the schools. We just experienced a school shooting in a neighboring city. Three highschool students killed. I wonder if someone would’ve been paying more attention to the shooter as he was growing up if this could’ve been avoided. Wake up parents!

  12. Well said, too bad it all can’t fit on a bumper sticker! Then again “DO YOUR JOB!” should be sufficient!

  13. You’re right!! the work just begins when its time to parent teenagers.

  14. Oh I am with you!! So important to know who our kids friends are, who they are with, what they are wearing and what they are doing on line!

  15. Right on the money! I wish I could print these off and hand them out to a few people I know….

  16. AMEN Sister!!! So many parents turn a blind eye and then are surprised later on….
    so sad!

  17. Yup very true. I’d actually like to be able to be a stay at home Mom once my kids are teens, I think there is a lot more trouble they can get into then!

  18. This is a brilliant list that should be turned into commandments for parents.

  19. Absolutely! Too bad everyone doesn’t feel the same way about all these points – I think the world would be a far better place if they did!

  20. Yes. And as a Mom of two teens and a tween? This stuff? It’s HARD sometimes. Sigh.

  21. 1. Parenting teens is not for wimps!
    2. As the mom to 2 teenage boys, the real work starts when they hit middle school…and it’s never ending.
    3. The best gift a parent can have is a great friend who has kids the same age. The ability to vent outside of the home is priceless.

    I’m lucky enough to have a job I don’t particularly like very much but which allows me to work from home. Yes, I’m THAT mom. The mom who is always home, who is spot-checking cell phone text messages, checking in on the kids’ FB pages. Teens are a lot of work, but the payoff…again, priceless.

  22. I absolutely could not agree more.

  23. As the mom to 10 children I have to say VERY WELL SAID!!!!

  24. Well said, could not agree more! 🙂

  25. This post comes at a very proper time for me. I have my baby just now starting kindergarten in the fall of this year. Already, we have had teachers try to pass judgement on the kid. I’ve got my back up and ready if I have to jump in and stand up for my girl. This post and the situation we just went through is a reminder that my daughter’s Education, and her behavior, for that matter. Are my responsiblity, mine and my husbands. Not any outside forces. Thanks for being part of the Force that keeps me grounded.

  26. yes yes YES!

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