Do You Know Where I Am?

What time is it where you are?  Are you comfy on a couch with a laptop beside you and a big old coffee in your hand?  Well prepare to be all kinds of jealous, because by the time you read this I should be about 12 hours into my 22 hour trek to FLORIDA!!  Bwhaha  I wonder how many times I’ve heard “Are we there yet?”

We, hired the house sitter, packed up the family and fled the country.  Thanks to the incredibly wonderful people of Chevrolet, we are Traversing (pun totally intended) across the country in search of the sun in one of these…. 


A Traverse!  Squee!  Oh so pretty and room for eight!  This little baby is sure to make our drive a great experience…um did I mention it has built in DVD Players and Sirius radio?  Sanity savers!

My plan for the next two weeks or so….

Play with my babies, laugh with my friends, celebrate with my Hubby.  Yes, celebrate every little thing.  I intend to bask in the sun, read some books and drink just a little too much in the hot tub.  I’m leaving my worries behind and hope to come back with some fabulously blog worthy stories! 

In the next couple of weeks I might re-play a fave post or two, I have one fabulous guest poster, and I may even pop by with an original story.  If I don’t pop by your blog, it’s because I’m working on my tan!

Missing me terribly?  You can always check in with me as I #EscapeTheSuburbs on twitter;  I’m @SassyModernMom !

Don’t have too much fun without me!


  1. So funny because I literally am, at this moment, comfy on the couch with a big coffee- kids are still asleep and everything! Haha. Anyway, have a great trip! It would be heavenly to be outdoors somewhere warm and beautiful right now.

  2. Have so much fun! Florida is totally my happy place! 🙂

  3. I am at work..blah. Have fun!

  4. smiles…travel light, have fun…just remember, getting through the road trip and you will be enjoying yourself soon…ha

  5. ooooh jealous! Have fun! 🙂

  6. Have a safe trip and tons of fun!

  7. Lol me too, just finished my coffee and sitting on the couch!!

    have a wonderful trip away.

  8. It sounds perfect! Have a wonderful time.

  9. Have a great trip! I’m looking forward to reading about your great adventures when you return 🙂

  10. I just cranked the heat in our house to 80 degrees and stood in the sunny window, pretending I was riding with you in that fabulous Traverse.

    It didn’t work.


  11. Say what???????

  12. I’m green with envy because not only are you in search of perfect weather, but you’re test driving that amazing vehicle!

  13. Enjoy it! It’s beautiful here:-)

  14. I looked at the vehicle and thought, “That looks small.” Then I clicked on it and it got longer. lol
    The wonders of technology.

    Anyway, ENJOY! You’ve been away recently, haven’t you? Lucky girl. 🙂

  15. Hope you are having fun in (Sunny?) Florida!! We’re planning our down home trip this summer – one of these would come in handy for sure!! I have heard great things about them and will be watching your posts to read more 😉
    Thanks for sharing your adventures!!

  16. Enjoy your vacation with the family!:-)

  17. Hope you are enjoying the sun! 🙂

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