Surviving A Drive To Florida? Travelling With Kinder

I’m just a little bit excited!  Actually, I might be worse then my kids.  Only 20 sleeps until we head out on our road trip to Florida.  Um yes, I said road trip!!!  This family of four is doing the economical thing this year and driving to Florida instead of flying.  22 hours of bliss trapped in the car with a gassy husband and two whiny children as we leave the snow and head to the sunshine state.  My fear, this trip will be less bliss and happy memories; more whining, crying maybe even a touch of Chevy Chase National Lampoon’s Vacation?   Oh help me…


I am not letting this happen!  Time to get a plan, get organized. 

Time to make a list.  Oh how I adore a good list.  Here’s what I THINK I need.  Feel fee to tell me what I’m missing, I don’t want to end up crying beside a broken down car at the side of the road, or dealing with a snivelling Hubby or kids for 20 plus hours!

So here’s my list:

A Map.

Cooler stuffed full of drinks: juice boxes, bottles of water, Red Bull for me, Coke for the Hubby. 

Bagels and cream cheese, Crackers and cheese, cookies, chips, mints, gum, and of course my Kinder Surprises to pull out as needed! (the secret weapon)

A cutting board and small knife (we plan to buy some fruit as soon as we get across the border)

IPods loaded up with games and music for the girls.

My laptop. (can’t leave home without it)

Potable DVD player and as many movies as I can get my hands on.


Colouring and activity books, Pet Shops, and Play Dough.

Pillows and Blankets.  Maybe I will get lucky and my monkeys will sleep?

Gravol, Kleenex and a garbage bag! 

Camera and smart phone to capture the hilarity of it all.  I plan to tweet the whole way so watch out as I #escapethesuburbs!

For the next 20 days I will do my best to convince myself that the drive is part of the adventure?  It will be fun right?!  Lie to me I know it will be worth it when I’m floating in the pool, soaking up the sun and marvelling at the energy and joy of my giggling babies. 

Don’t even talk to me about the drive home!  I’m not going to think about it.  I know we are a very lucky family to be making such fabulous plans, and can’t wait to spend some solid quality time with my crazy crew!

Wishing all of you safe travels and fab spring breaks no matter what your plans are!    It’s a great time to make some memories!


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  1. Have a great time! Don’t forget the sunscreen even on a cloudy day! Sounds like you have everything covered!

  2. oh wow…that is going to be part of the adventure…just think of all that you will see along the way…

    will that really save money with gas prices?

  3. Ditto on the sunscreen! And maybe a “real map” in case Google or whoever you use doesn’t know the latest detours. Sometimes that happens here (some roads are only closed for repair on weekends, for example).

    Are you doing the Disney thing or a beach? Or both?

  4. I think the drive will be part of the fun! Well, at least the drive DOWN. 🙂 I hope you have sunshiny weather the whole way. Orlando?

  5. @JG Yes!! We will do one day at Disney, a day at a waterpark and we have tickets to review LegoLand!! We might make it to the beach when we drive down to see the parents and in-laws in Fort Myers/Naples area!

  6. @BuzyBeeSuz Yes, heading to Orlando Windsor Hills and Reunion. Keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine. So much snow here today!

  7. HA!! love that movie!
    You’ll be fine, mama, I think you are well prepared!

  8. I believe everyone has to drive to Florida once. Already did it and never again. Though I think I may be lying. seems a heck of a lot cheaper to drive then fly the whole family down.

  9. Sounds super fun! Reading it made me excited for you! Don’t forget crosswords & hang man too! The ole fashioned paper kind. I’ll be back just in time to follow along with your tweets! Enjoy & good luck!! 🙂 #KinderMom

  10. It will be fun. If not in the moment than in the future when you look back. We made many 18 hr. trips to Florida with friends and 4 little ones in the car. Hey, I will be in Florida in 25 sleeps. You sound totally prepared.

  11. Just a note that if they go through your car at the border, the Kinder’s will be confiscated. They’re banned there! INSANITY!!

  12. You forgot vodka. And hand wipes. And vodka. 🙂

  13. Eek! Good luck!!!

  14. Eek! Good Luck on your drive to and from beautiful Florida! I entertained the idea of one day making the drive with my family, but like you said, the drive home… man oh man! Still, what a great experience! You’ll all have a blast!

  15. You are much braver than I am! 22 hours? It takes me that long to get there and I live in the States!

    Some friends of mine travel with a child’s potty to help reduce stops from those juice boxes! I’ve never tried it but think it’s kinda brilliant!

  16. We drove down to Cali from Vancouver when I was a kid and it was amazing, great memories.

    Add to your list, water for both consumption and in case for the car, a flashlight, flares, first aid kit, rope, traveling board games, deck of cards and crib board, can opener.

    Hope you have a great trip!

  17. kathy downey says:

    I have never been to Florida,must have been a lovely drive!

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