She is Fierce


She didn’t want to go today.

I picked up my oldest after school and she had tears in her eyes.  For about five minutes she denied anything was wrong and then, as soon as we were alone…..the floodgates opened. 

She was missing the dance AGAIN because of gymnastics.  Watching her girlfriends skip off arm in arm, going to each others houses to get ready for the big event…it was just too much for her to bear.  Her little heart was hurting, and so was mine. 

My oldest daughter is a Provincial Level Gymnast.  It’s not always easy.  She has had to fight her way through the occasional injury, has given up sleepovers and dances, and misses out on a tear jerking number of social events.  It’s hard to make so many sacrifices all in the name of gymnastics. 


This particular Friday night was a tough one.  Watching her girlfriends skip off together all giggles and smiles with no concerns other then what clothes to wear, knowing the fun she was going to miss.  Preparing because in the next 30 minutes she had to cram dinner down her throat, change, get her hair up and be in the car with a smile on her face.  Four hours of gymnastics in her future.

This little athlete spends a minimum of 12 hours a week in the gym, not to mention the total of three hours of driving time.  We get caught up on all our news in the car, she does homework in the car and two times a week she even has to eat in the car.  Dedicated.  Oh yes.  Easy, oh no.  She is kind of my hero….she works harder in one session of gymnastics then I do all week long. 


As her Mama I do everything I can to support her as she chases her dream.  Not only do I play paparazzi ( you just know this baby adores me taking about 100 pictures at every competition), but I also do my best to make sure she gets everything else she needs, emotionally and physically as she goes through her busy life.  I prepare her healthy meals “to go” on those busy gym days.  A big part of keeping her healthy is making sure she gets her IronKids vitamins.  Those Omega 3s, Calcium, and Vitamin Ds have become an important part of our routine.    

I’m happy to report we made it through that sad Friday night. As I always try to do, I gave my BlueEyes a choice, gymnastics or dance?  Yes, the commitment she has made to gymnastics is important, but it can’t be her everything.   I told her she was more then welcome to skip gym and go to the dance.  With a shaking voice and teary eyes, she chose gym. 

Wow, proud Mama here.  It’s easy to be her biggest cheerleader.



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  1. I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minutes trying to find the right words to “comment” with. Your world, and your daughter’s, is foreign to me; quite frankly, you both sound like superheroes! So instead I’ll just send a great big hug your way, and a huge high five to her 🙂

  2. I agree with Lena, You both are Superheroes in my book. 🙂

  3. Oh you are both so very sweet! Thanks ladies. My baby works very hard…I’m just supporting her as best I can:)

  4. Your daughter is also MY hero….wow, she is amazing. Kudos to her; chasing her dreams. And YOU are an amazing Mom…allowing her to pursue and have choices in there for other stuff too!

  5. Look at the form on that girl! Great job and your a great mom for being dedicated!
    Wish I lived closer I would still go to any cheering, dance or gymnastic competitions. I just love them!

  6. I just gotta give credit to you, offering her the choice is so the right way to go, and more often than not, she will choose gym, because she has worked so hard for it!

  7. That is true dedication.

  8. I echo what’s already been said here before… the commitment on both of your parts is nothing shy of extraordinary. There will be sacrifices, some tears, and heartache, but it sounds as though you have a wonderful, open relationship with your daughter, and it’s one she appreciates every bit as much as you do.

    Keep on keepin’ on and I wish you both continued success.

    And thank you so very much for your kind words and for leaving a comment so I could come here and read your beautiful blog!

  9. Wow…you deserve to be a proud mama. What a girl! The pictures show me that she’s a tremendous gymnast, but what really inspires me is her hard work and dedication. I hope to read more about her in the future.

    You deserve kudos for giving her options. Great parenting; I’ll try to remember that when our little one doesn’t want to skate. 🙂

  10. What dedication! I am sure she was taught by her mom. Kuddos to both of you!!

  11. she is def dedicated…and it will pay off for her…it is teaching her good things she will use as she gets older…

  12. I do the same but with a daughter in music. Some days I think we’re both nuts, but when I step back and question her about backing off, she looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. I give her gummy vitamins but not this type, I’ll look for them next time at Shoppers… Good luck to your daughter!

  13. That’s commitment and work ethic for you. Your girl will go far, in whatever she chooses to do. Kudos to you, too, momma! 🙂

  14. Wow what a remarkable and dedicated little girl! I can imagine the choice was hard, but it certainly shows her dedication.

  15. She has got some mad skills – hurrah to you for supporting her dream!

  16. That was my story as a kid. I was a professional ballerina by the age of 15 and I missed out on so much. But I caught up later on in College and the dancing taught me so much about determination, hard work, leadership, etc.

  17. Oh that would be hard. But yes as long as it is still her choice and what she wants then it is awesome. Sounds like you are handling it all wonderfully.

  18. Activities and sports-oh where to draw the line??? I was so happy to read you say you offered her a choice. What an independent thinker she is learning to become. Way to go, both of you.

  19. My jaw is on the floor. Look at that gorgeous strong girl!!!

  20. I just love her dedication to the sport. I loved gymnastics when I was young. That is definitely a tough schedule for all of you. I wish her every success that can come her way.

  21. Your daughter sounds amazing! I am sure it is tough for her to miss out on things with her friends, but the fact that she is so devoted is amazing for a young child. Great photo skills too Mom! I hope you are doing well. It’s been forever since I have been by.

    -Mandee http://raisingmy5sons (remember me? lol)

  22. My heart breaks for your gal.

    I can sympathize with being a teen and having to choose between an activity and your friends.. At that age, it feels like the end of the world to not be doing what the crowd is doing..

    Her dedication is admirable! Many teens would give up their dream/passion if it meant not being with their friends. Her choices say SO much about her character and how great you and your hubs have raised her 🙂

  23. We are in the same overscheduled boat as you and your daughter. Here, it’s my oldest son and instumental music. On Tuesdays, he goes from school to French Horn lessons, to Philharmonic Orchestra, and finally to basketball or Bible Quizzing practice. He eats in the car too and arrives home at 8:00. He takes off his shoes for the first time since 7:00 AM and crashes. Thursdays is Tuba lessons. This weekend, we’re going to an Honor Band two hours away. Next weekend is a competition 4 hours away. I just hope we have a full ride music scholarship ahead of us!!!

  24. What an amazing mama-daughter team.

    It’s so hard to watch them struggle with commitment and priorities, and yet at the same time rewarding when we see them be strong in their choices.

    You are an awesome cheerleader!

  25. Wow, that is seriously impressive. Major props to your daughter and kudos to you for supporting her!!

  26. You and your daughter really are amazing, such commitment is hard to find and I hope that your daughter realises her dreams through all her hard work.

  27. The thing that stuck with me is that you fave her the choice. What a wonderful Mama… understanding that even with the commitment, it’s still about the balance that works best for her!

  28. Poor thing, but what a champ! I hope she has a fun weekend to make up for missing dance. XO

  29. What an incredible daughter you have. Tell her a complete stranger is proud of her. Weird, but true.

  30. I marvel at your dedication and your daughter’s too, the rewards of which will be found amidst the pride of accomplishing great things. Great snapshots!

  31. Oh Steph she’s such a wonderful example of dedication! It’s not easy to miss out on things and yet she perseveres….beautiful

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