Multi-Tasking Mama. Thanks TOSHIBA

Only a few short days until I pack the kids, the Hubby, and half of the house into the car and make the trek to Florida to begin a much needed vacation. (Yes, I’m still trying to convince myself that getting there will be half the fun)

At this point, I have entered into full on panic mode.  Lists are getting longer and time is running out!!  There is too much laundry to get done, arrangements to be made for the dog and the cat, work commitments to take care of, not to mention we still have to get to piano, gymnastics, school and everywhere in between.  Sigh.  How on earth am I ever going to get it all done?  Well I will tell you how, I’m making use of every single second of downtime.  Seriously, every second. 

Sitting in the car waiting at school pick-up, at piano lessons with my daughter, and even in the Doctor’s office I’m  a tweeting, writing multi- tasking fool! 


When I’m back home the laptop goes upstairs with me as I sneak out a few minutes while hiding in my bedroom.  Then back downstairs to the kitchen, right on the kitchen counter as I’m making dinner.  Laptop time in front of the TV and sitting at the dining room table waiting for the carpool to return my children from a night out.   Yep, Have laptop will travel!  I am so glad I ended up with a Toshiba Satellite.  Light, fast (so much faster then my old laptop) and portable!  Never have I been so grateful for the incredible battery life of a laptop.  I’ve gone 8 hours without having to plug in!!

I even accessorised my pretty baby with a sweet little laptop sleeve so I can take her (yes, it’s a her and I named her too..don’t judge) everywhere by sliding her into any one of my big purses. 


I’m working on the go, knocking stuff off that list, and with any luck will actually be ahead of the game before I park my butt in the car for our 22 hour adventure from the great white north to the sunny south!

Sometimes in life, you just have to be thankful for the little things.  Today, I am thankful for the speed, the portability and the pretty of this fantastic technology.  What did Mama’s do before laptops?  


Disclosure:  This post was created as part of a sponsored partnership with Toshiba Canada. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


  1. Love Toshiba’s…..Enjoy your vacation to FL…

  2. I’ve had a Toshiba Satellite for a couple of years now. LOVE IT!!

    I was hoping you were hosting a giveaway…. 😉

  3. I have had my Toshiba Satellite for almost 5 years. I also have the Toshiba Netbook for travel.
    It’s an awesome product!

  4. nice that is a cute laptop sleeve…and i know you are exicited…ha

  5. Well we know how much I love Toshiba.. enjoy your holiday!

  6. I am just on the verge of shopping around for a new laptop, so I LOVE hearing all about Toshiba (especially since they’re at the top of my list). Enjoy your holiday!

  7. Oh @ChiTown Girl I wish!! Maybe next time:)

  8. So awesome! So useful! So necessary! 🙂

  9. Amen! I had two of them side by side as i did my url switcheroo and redesign yesterday! phew!!

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