LOOSE BUTTON and Luxe Boxes


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I will admit I’m a girl who is a complete sucker for all things pretty.  Flowers to the door?  Yes please!  I adore the romance of flowers being delivered to my door.  This might be one of the reasons I am the newest fan of Luxe Boxes. (even if you opt to send it to yourself!)

Do you know about these gorgeous black boxes? 


Well it’s about time you do!! 

Lose Button is a subscription service that delivers new and beautiful products to your doorstep each and every month.  Inside these personalized and super sweet boxes are four or five exciting sample size products of only the highest quality cosmetics for you to try! 

I received the January Luxe Box I was pleasantly surprised by the treasures I found waiting for me in the sleek black box. 



Each sample was more then big enough to give me the opportunity to decide if I loved them, but that’s all it is.  Just some incredible samples and some great fun.  No pressure to buy more or purchase the full size products. (although Loose Button will help you track down the full size products if you fall in love with one!)  My husband couldn’t figure out why I was quite so …giddy?  People…this is make-up, delivered to your door AND you can sign up to have it arrive each and every month! 

Here’s an example of some other products!


Fabulous!  Right now Luxe Box ships to Canada only, but has plans to expand to other countries soon.  As far a subscriptions; you can sign up to get a new box once a month, every three months or just one time per year! 

So my verdict on the Luxe Boxes?   A great way to discover fabulous new products all delivered to your door in a beautifully personalized boxes.  Sassy and fun! Let me know if you give them a try! 


  1. nice….that sounds like quite the treat to receive….

  2. Love Luxe Box! I have been pleased with the samples I received!

  3. Oh! Those sound awesome! How much fun to open a box of surprises each month!?

  4. I was all excited to read “Right now Luxe Box ships to Canada only”, quickly went to their website, only to find “Luxe Box subscriptions are currently sold out!
    Join our waiting list, and we will send you an invitation to sign up as soon as spots open up” Dang!

  5. Akkk! Perhaps the waiting list will be a really short one? Fingers crossed:)

  6. Let me know when they came to the states! That is something I would love.

  7. kathy downey says:

    Very interesting indeed

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