Hot Hop! $400 TARGET Gift Card Give Away!

Hey all!

This is brand new to me but I’ve teamed up with a group of blogs to offer our readers a ridiculously fun giveaway.

We are giving away $400 in Target Gift Cards to one lucky person!

Please note you only need to enter once on any of the participating blogs as we all will have the same form. The giveaway is open to both US & Canada. I know Canada doesn’t have Target *yet*, but I didn’t want to exclude my fellow Canadians. You can always bring them with you for some cross-border shopping! Woo hoo! So here we go! Enter below!

Good luck!

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  1. Oooo nice!! I just spent $400 at Target on Saturday…seriously. We went baby girl shopping! =) Have a great Monday!

  2. oo good stuff i like target…

  3. I’m shocked to learn that Canada doesn’t have Target – yet. I don’t know what I would do without Target. Do you have something similar?

  4. Do you know how excited I was reading this on my blogger (it’s here, it’s here, target is here).
    Not yet, but soon, gotta get rid of all those Zellers first.
    AND I WOULD LOVE LOVE a Target Gift Card for a wee bit of cross boarder love.

  5. So fun!

  6. Holy cow! Finally a drawing I want to enter that’s for your US readers, too! 🙂 I’m in! I can spend $400 at Target in one trip, easily!

  7. Woman, you are speaking my language. I am a targetaholic.

  8. Maybe I will visit Canada so I can come across the border and spend the gift card. Hope I win!

  9. Canada is supposed to be getting Targets. I can’t wait.

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