Do You Believe In Miracles? Introducing MiracleMoms!

They make me cry with joy, they are the only one’s who can get me to dance in the kitchen, they truly think my singing is worth listening to.  Their quiet tears can rouse me from the soundest of sleep, if their heart’s are hurting, mine aches right along with them.  Nothing is more important in my life…they are my children. 

Each and every day I am thankful for the two little miracles in my life.  My two beautiful little girls. 

Now I have been provided the chance to give back just a little bit and help out those who need a hand.  I am honoured and thrilled to announce a brand new initiative by Children’s Miracle Network, MiracleMoms!!! 


MiracleMoms will be a group of loving, passionate, fabulous and motivated women eager to tell the stories of families in their area who use the services of the Children’s Miracle Network.  Mamas who want to make a difference, create a buzz and encourage their readers to jump in  and donate in support of the Children’s Miracle Network. 

I’m looking for approximately 10 motivated Mamas.  Moms from all across Canada and the United States who want to help us tell the real stories of families who use the services of the Children’s Miracle Network.

Are you passionate?  Looking for a way to give back?  Interested in telling the story of a family from your area and encouraging your readers to donate to an incredible cause?  Are you a blogger of influence?  Do you want to help tell stories like this…..

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Then I want to hear from you…

I’m putting together a team like no other; a creative, heart on your sleeve, want to make a difference group of women.

If this is you, please send me an e-mail (modernmom at with MiracleMoms in the subject line! 

Please include: (copy & paste)

  1. Blog url
  2. Number of followers
  3. Unique views per month
  4. Twitter Name and Number of  follower’s
  5. Number of  Facebook friends/fans 
  6. Your City and Province/State
  7. Happen to know the name of the biggest local hospital in your area? Include that too! 
  8. Most of all, I want to hear why you think you would be a great #MiracleMom

Program Requirements will Include:

  • Two written posts during the month of May, dates to be determined. 
  • One video or audio clip post, material supplied by Children’s Miracle Network.
  • MiracleMoms will be encouraged to support each another in the social media space, including retweeting blog posts and amplifying conversation on twitter and Facebook on a weekly basis.  
  • Participation in a twitter party.
  • MiracleMoms will be asked to add a 125X125 badge in a prominent location on their blog, with a link back to the site, for four months.
  • Possible participation in one conference call.
  • MiracleMoms must provide full disclosure on posts and abide by all FTC rules and regulations.
  • Total Pay for this program is $400.00

For more information and to show Children’s Miracle Network Canada some LOVE, please considering following them on Facebook and twitter!

You can also follow Children’s Miracle Network here:

@CMNCanada and @CMNHospitals

Please help us spread the word about #MiracleMoms on twitter! 

Feel free to copy and paste:

Do u believe in Miracles? @SassyModernMom is searching 4 passionate women 2 apply 2 B #MiracleMoms!! Pls RT

*Criteria for selection for this program will be made by a team, and include availability of participation of families in your city.  Only successful candidates will be contacted.  Thank you for your interest in #MiracleMoms.


  1. Thanks Steph, I will send you an email.

  2. oh drat, its not my nationality this time that keeps me out…smiles….i bet this will be pretty inspiring honestly

  3. I have emailed you! (Through tears…)

  4. That video gets me every time. Congrats on leading the way to make a difference, Stephanie.

  5. Sending you an email, Stephanie. Either way, you can count on my support. I received a miracle, and pray every day for families who are begging for one.

  6. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Kudos to you for doing this!

  7. What a lovely initiative. I’ll be following along!

  8. such a great initiative Steph!

  9. What a great program. I have sent you an e-mail. Hopefully it doesn’t end up in spam.

  10. This is so great – what a wonderful program to be part of, really. Thanks for spreading the word Steph!

  11. Oh this post really touched my heart. I hope this program is a huge success!

  12. What a wonderful thing you are doing!! I’m just so amazed at your ability to give back. I’m inspired!

    Happy Weekend!

  13. What an wonderful, inspiring and incredibly important initiative. Thanks for reaching out to us: it would be my pleasure to help spread the word.

  14. You, my dear, are doing a wonderful thing here. I would be honoured to participate in such a worthwhile cause. I’ll be emailing you soon.

  15. This is so amazing. We have a few alumni of Sick Kids in the family, and I would be happy to contribute a post. Would that I had the numbers on my wee little blog to join in fully. But, I’ll support in every other way. Kudos to everyone who is going to participate!!!

  16. Okay I will be emailing you!!

  17. What an amazing opportunity to spread the word. I’d love to participate.

  18. How wonderful – I’m not in US or Canada (obviously) but I can tweet this. 🙂

    I love miracles.

  19. Would love to help spread the word about the amazing work the Children’s Miracle Network does for kids everywhere!

  20. What a wonderful idea to go forward with this important initiative! Reading your blog brought tears to my eyes! I’m so blessed & thankful to have healthy children and grand children! Continue to spread the word about the Children’s Mircle Network….I’m sure to follow!

  21. Stephanie,

    I will drop you an email. Expect my support of this program regardless.

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