Party Mama, Suburbs Style?

My “baby” turns thirteen this week.  Thirteen.  I am so not ready to be the Mama of a teenager.  This thrusts us into a whole new era of well, everything!!  Including birthday parties?  I actually thought we might be done with parties.  I like a good birthday party, but I am not one of those crazed “Party Mamas”.  For one fleeting insane must have forgotten who my kid was moment I thought we could just grab one or two good friends and go to a movie and dinner?  Yah, I was way wrong.  Do you know how hard it is for an almost thirteen year old girl to pick just TWO friends to do something special with?  Do you know how many social pitfalls a pre-teen can encounter if she steps on toes, leaves someone out, picks the wrong friends???  Sigh, girl drama.  The solution?  Mama throws a big ole fashioned sleep over party.  Tally of screaming pre-teens.  Ten and counting.  I better start upping my caffeine intake now.  It’s going to be a very very long weekend.

One thing this Mama did decide to put her foot down on; Loot bags.  Teenagers don’t need loot bags….but they do need some sort of “thanks for coming to my paartee” parting gift right?  (I may not be a party Mama, but I do have a little bit of social grace.)

Here is what BlueEyes and I came up with!

Cookies….. in a jar!  I’m no Martha, but seriously, these are super cute.


Every dry ingredient you need to create delish oatmeal, smartie, chocolate chip cookies


Layer them up all pretty like in a mason jar, add some fun ribbon, attach a recipe card and voila! Super cuteness in a jar.  (I know, maybe too cute, but cut me some slack I’m trying to hang onto a little bit of cute for my baby’s 13th Birthday.  Sniff)


First problem of my dear daughters thirteenth year solved, just about ohh 356 more to go! 

I have a feeling 13 is going to be interesting!


  1. Those are such a great gift idea. I’ve actually done that before as a simple Christmas gift for some friends. A great and easy go to gift!

    Good luck this weekend…I don’t envy you. Although my time isn’t far off. If you could, can you start a handbook/guide on how to handle these years and then pass it on to me? I’m worried….eventually I’ll have 2 teenage age girls in this house….Dear God….HELP!

  2. shoot i would take cookies in a jar anyday…smiles…have fun at the party!

  3. Happy Birthday to your BlueEyes!

    I’ll be thinking of you this weekend while I get plenty of sleep. 😉

  4. Too cute! Glad you caved on the party. Everyone needs a big party when they turn 13. Beware though- 16 is the next big one!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter. That is a such a great idea for party favors. I like the bright pink chocolate candies thrown in the mix.

  6. Fabulous idea!

    Happy birthday to your girl, and happy “birth” day to you!

  7. Happy birthday
    Those thank you gifts are cute 🙂

  8. You are the coolest mom ever.

  9. Blue Eyes is a hell of a kid!

  10. What a great idea! The jars are super cute! I’m sure they will be a hit with your gaggle of girls

  11. If you think 13 is a shock, wait until she hits 21. You lose your built in designated driver.

  12. We have entered what will bring us year 10… luckily I have until October, but already, I am agonizing.

    I love the jar cookies… so pretty. I went into Fresh Market for the first time the other day and discovered that they have jars of m&m’s in every color… this could be very bad!

  13. Great idea – who wouldn’t enjoy cookies. 13 will be a very interesting year! Hold onto 13.

  14. Such an awesome idea! Love it:-)

  15. I think those are great gifts.

  16. Those are great gifts! Happy Birthday!

  17. This is such an awesome idea!!! I think I might steal this idea for other parties we need to have down the road. Wow! I can’t believe your youngest is 13!!! My oldest will be 13 in a little under 2 years and then we have ages to go for the twins. We had a sleepover birthday party when Phoebe turned 11. I wonder what she’ll want to do for her 12th birthday??

  18. This is such a brilliant idea! Cookie fun without the baking (for mom). I will note this down and copy it when Z gets bigger. 🙂

    I have 2 birthdays this month to prep for –my husband’s and my son’s. 6 days apart.

  19. Happy Birthday to your teenager!! Good luck with the party Mom!!

  20. 10 13 year old girls…..Im shuddering for you over here. But I do love the idea of a cookie jar, please let us know how they were received.

  21. Yikes, I hope you survived the weekend! Now we just have to get you through the next seven years!

    You’re off to a good start with those party favors though. They’re adorable!

  22. Well done Mama!

    Oh gee … it sounds like it only gets harder the older they get! I just hired a pirate to take care of my six-year old and it was only three hours. Pass me some of that caffeine. 😉

  23. The cookie jars are brilliant!!! Best of luck to YOU.

  24. I love love love those.

    Super Creative & Fun!

  25. I make jar gifts every year for Christmas gifts…everyone loves them and they are super cute!! Tx for stopping by my blog today:)

  26. Those are really cute!!

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