I’m Either Very Old Or Just Getting Easier To Please

Not that long ago, I was a girl who was excited about the prospect of a night out.  Oh and by “night out” I mean wearing my fancy heels, dinner at a nice restaurant, dancing with my gurrrls wearing my “bar” clothes, and making enough noise to be slightly north of obnoxious.

Suddenly I realize, me definition of a good time has changed.  Dramatically.  You know what excites me now?  Prepare yourself, you may not be able to handle the awesomeness of it all….

A night in.  Put the kids to bed early.  Have a late dinner, watch a rented movie and SPLIT a beer with my man.  I am such a rebel!

Oh it gets worse.  Prepare yourself for the other blow your socks off events things that I find extremely titillating.  Ready?

The Dollar Sale at the Grocery Store.  Seriously, when I walk in and find out I can buy a bag of cookies, a bag of apples, a bottle of shampoo, a giant jar of pasta sauce and a huge carton of chocolate milk for FIVE bucks I am  text my girlfriends, call my Hubby and spread the news happy.  Pathetic.

-Kids get invited to a play date at the same time.  The stars must have aligned because this means I have just scored an hour to myself.  Love.

-Hubby surprises me by bringing me home a cup of coffee. (Large, double cream)  Very Happy.  

-Hitting all the lights green on the way home during carpool.  Yes, this brings me joy.

-Finding some chocolate left in my super secret chocolate stash.  Bliss. 

So does this make me altogether too easy to please? Have I lost a little of my zest for it all?  Nah, thinking I’m just in a happy place right now.  Must be that, cause I don’t feel super old and pathetic…..?


  1. Amen!! What we won’t sacrifice?! 😉

  2. Great Post!! The simple things go a long way in making Life loveable. You just reminded me to move the chocolate stash!! Hubby and Little Girl have found my current spot!! 🙂

  3. Honey, you’re confusing contentment with fun. Only fun will be more sophisticated once you get back around to it. A night out will still consist of dressing up, but instead of being loud at the bar, you’ll be talking earnestly at a booth over glasses of wine with your husband. So dial up that babysitter and bust out those high heels. 🙂

  4. oh i would take coffee with my love any way…and a good deal makes me happy as well…

  5. We must be the same age because I have recently crossed the line too! Why would I want to go sit in a crowded, overpriced restaurant when I can get some take out and watch a movie in my pajamas? Oh yes, I am an old lady!!!

  6. Sounds like heaven to me! 🙂

  7. This is common discussion in our household. We would so much prefer a night in, cozy on the couch than out at a bar and all that goes with it.

    I think most people just cross a line at some point….it doesn’t take much anymore.

    I get excited over new Tupperware! LOL

  8. I found a truffle I had forgotten about, in my coat pocket, last week. I was WAY too excited about it.

  9. I think it’s totally the happy talking and you’re not even almost ‘old’. I would be happy with going anywhere — doing anything without my kids tagging along 🙂

  10. Oh yeah! But I would up that 1 beer to a bottle of wine! And the dollar sale is thrilling, walking around to see what great finds I can get, leaving the store and looking at all those 1$ on my receipt, it makes me happy, is this a sign? Do I need to go to no frills?

    I am going out this weekend and will be lacing up my killer fluvog boots,and that does make me excited.

  11. Again. I love your lists!
    For me… its a $4 off diaper coupon. Nothing brings me more joy!

  12. A night in always seems like it’s the best to me lately too.

    And the sales? Yup, nothing makes me happier than when I can score a fabulous deal.

  13. LOL, last night i was so excited to not hit a red light all the way home from a casual girls night where we split all our fav’s, went in sweats and my hub was asleep and not anticipating any action when i came in 😉

  14. Ummm…sounds like perfection to me! Guess that means I’m getting old too!

  15. Those definitely sound like the makings of awesome for me!

  16. Hahaha, too funny. My husband and I were invited to a dinner party last night (Thurs) and this morning I was saying to him that I must be getting old because I would prefer to never leave the house during the weeknights:) Dinner and a move at home with a bottle of wine is my idea of a great time!

  17. Simple pleasures are the best pleasures!

  18. just found your blog and your post so hit home with me 🙂 its the little things LOL! I have 10 kids so when we are down to 2 or 3 because the others have plans play dates or birthdays to attend its quite the moment!!

  19. I constantly find myself questioning my old and pathetic self. I sometimes want to get in my bar clothes, heels, and go out for drinks and giggling. I only stop myself because I have to get up the next day and be alert. But the green lights? Totally with you.

  20. Sometimes those little things just make a day wonderful! I love finding hidden chocolate and nothing better than a green light day.

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