I Can Be Bought

Sometimes money isn’t a big enough currency. Cold hard cash might be nice, but it’s not what this Mama really wants! 

After a night with precious little sleep I will trade you just about whatever you want for a Grande Chi Tea Latte.

Hubby, he can name his price for a back rub with no strings.

Kids want extra time at the computer?  They “pay” for it by being quiet.

He’s willing to take the kids to the Dentist so I don’t have to.  Now I owe him the world.  (I’m ridiculously scared of that creep in the white mask Dentist guy)

If Hubby needs a big favour from me he knows what tricks to try; dangle a love letter in front of me, build a big fire in the fireplace, sit and chat about vacation plans for the future, dream with me about all that is to come…..I’m freakin putty in his hands.  Pathetic. 

Does this mean my currency is coffee, backrubs, quiet time and love letters? Uh, Yep, all that and chocolate. 

You want to negotiate with me? 

Turns out it’s pretty easy, I can be bought.


  1. LOL! I love it! I can be bought with java love also. =) XOXO

  2. sounds like a loving wife and mom to me the little things are sometimes worth more than money

  3. This is a hilarious post. Thanks for the morning giggle (and the ideas)!

  4. I can be brought too. chocolate buys you wonders.

  5. Backrubs always work like a charm with me.

  6. Funny, that is the same currency I use too!

  7. Lol! So true! There are currencies that are worth so much more than cash.

  8. Love the honesty!! Truths all around! I’m the same way. 🙂 Twenty bucks in a card is great, twenty bucks @ starbucks for coffee makes you a GOD/GODDESS in my book. 🙂

  9. DH and I negotiate all the time..”Oh you want to go skiing with your friends? Well I will see your ski trip and raise you a Spa weekend for me…”

  10. smiles…my wife thinks its sexy when i do the dishes…yeah the house chores are my bribe of choice…smiles.

  11. Your so funny! Nothing wrong with being bought.

  12. My husband is very easily bought with…well you know. That thing that crosses their minds every 2.5 seconds of the day.

  13. I’m with you – I can be bought too. And it’s usually the little things.

  14. I hear that, my friend. Totally and 100% hear you!

    And for a chai tea latte, well, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do! Cheers!

  15. Consider yourself blessed, after twenty years together my husband is still clueless about the little things I like. The upside? He buys me some pretty fantastic gifts thinking that’ll make me happy when a Mars Bar will sometimes do… 😉

  16. Oh yes. I am a master negotiator. Tit for tat. Not about the cash. Got my own. Do me a favor or chore Im dreading? Sold!!!

  17. Too funny. We do all have our price and sometimes it’s as simple as chocolate:)

  18. Love this! Coffee, back rubs, quiet time, and love letters: It sounds like your price is just right!

  19. So funny and ME TOO! I do anything for anyone who gives the dogs a bath as well.

  20. Back rubs, unexpected fru-fru drinks, chocolate…yep, apparently I can be bought too!

  21. For me it’s just cold hard cash. And diamonds.

    (just kiddin) 😉

    Chocolate goes a long way.

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