Awkward Moments Courtesy Of Granny?

So I kind of thought I was the pioneer in this family of writing the passive aggressive love letters, voicing my inner most thoughts for the entire world to see, you know getting it all down on “paper”. 

Turns out I am but a babe.   My Granny, she is the grand dame of letters and poetry and she showed her stuff at Christmas.

As I lay upstairs tossing my cookies having my pity party for one.  My fabulous Hubby carried on and made sure my entire family still had Christmas. This included drinks, appetizers, a full turkey dinner and of course the traditional gift opening.  This year, with a twist.  My sweet old Granny, in her 93rd year, had written MY Husband a poem and recited it aloud for the entire family.  I missed the whole damn thing.  Don’t worry, don’t worry!  I got my hands on a copy!!!  So without further adieu, a poem, from MY Grandmother to MY Husband.  Oh yes, let the Awkward begin. 

(and for the record I adore my Grandmother and think her brilliant beyond words…I just don’t have a clue where the hell this poem came from?  Perhaps it was helped along with some Sherry? )

Dear B

Do you remember our Christmas last year

When you opened your gift with the greatest of cheer

Only to see half a bottle of wine (Oh yes she did. Last year she gave him a HALF a bottle. That’s how she rolls)

And cried with great sorrow “Is this truly mine?”

So this year the bottle is full to the brim

For you to enjoy and to keep yourself trim

And never for get that I wish you much joy

For my Grand-Daughters Lover’s a really great boy!


Oh Grandma.  Sigh.  You are one of a kind.  Thanks for the giggle and helping to make this Christmas one we will never forget. 


  1. That is hilarious!!:) Thanks for the smile today and happy new year!:)

  2. Aha ha ha ha! You’ve got the coolest grandmother. High five, granny!

  3. ew ew ew….granny should not go there….

  4. I love it. Way to go Granny!

  5. I wonder if Granny wants me as a best friend? 🙂 I love her. Too funny.

  6. OMG that is awesome! I love it & wish you had it on video to see!

  7. LOL….Im so sorry you didn’t ghetto witness that! Too funny!

  8. She’s a gem!

  9. Grannies are the best. You are so fortunate to still have yours! The gift of writing does run in the family!
    Happy New Year Friend!

  10. LOL nice poem granny

  11. Suh-weet. My grandma’s? Never would happen. Have her write the blogging world one!

  12. That was fabulous!!! Too bad you didn’t get to witness it! Hope you are feeling better.

  13. That is sweet and funny! She tells it like it is.

  14. Very, very sweet…gotta love it!

  15. I love that she gave him half a bottle of wine for Christmas – hilarious! And that she wrote him a poem! She sounds like an amazing lady.

  16. Aww Bless, what a lady.

  17. How funny!

  18. your grandma is seriously awesome!

  19. That is fabulous!

  20. So funny! The fact that she’s 93 and can still write poetry is a fantastic thing.

  21. I LOVE this poem and I LOVE her…reminds me of my late Grandma; full of spunk!

  22. Ha, hilarious, love it!!

  23. Ahhh I aspire to be like your Grandmother one day…bright red lipstick, blue hair and a mumu..

  24. Haha Granny has some kick in her eh lol what a sense of humor!

  25. Haha Granny has some kick in her eh lol what a sense of humor!

  26. That is so OLD SCHOOL and brilliant to use the term lover! I love it. I now think I might give my mom a half bottle of wine this coming season. How funny that would be to have her open it.

  27. I LOVE her spirit! What an awesome story!

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