Wild Nights and Gingerbread Houses

One precious weekend a year the In-Laws take the kids over night for an evening of Gingerbread House making, movie watching, and overindulging.  From the state of them when they get home, I’m pretty sure sleep is not something happening at this “sleep” over. 

You know what?  I don’t care!  I look forward to this weekend all year long!  I know my girls will have a fantastic time and Hubby and I have an entire evening where we get to act like adults with no responsibility! 

We can go out for dinner, drink a bottle of wine, see an R rated movie…or at least a movie that doesn’t have cartoon characters in it, stay out late without calculating how much extra we will have to pay the babysitter and in general be selfish and spontaneous again!  Bliss.

So the special Gingerbread weekend, that was THIS weekend.  Both the girls and I were having our very own special kinds of countdowns.  Little one’s were marking down the days on their dry erase boards outside their bedroom doors.  Me, I was working out the timing of which day I should shave my legs.  Sexy right?

My youngest SweetGirl had the nerve to catch a nasty cold this week.  I stuffed her full of some awesome vitamins, filled her with nutritious food, and that snotty nose stopped dripping just in the nick of time.  Our night alone was saved.  Girls were dropped off at Grandmas at 5pm sharp on Saturday night. 

Hubby and I were alone in the house.  I might have giggled and danced a little at the anticipation of an entire evening of adult time.  So do you want to know what we did?  What our biggest hearts desire was?  What we wanted to do more then anything else?  Here’s how it went:

We went to the grocery store….without kids begging to put more stuff in the cart.

We picked up coffees…and talked quietly, without interruption.

We cooked dinner together…..in our own kitchen.  Crab cakes, shrimp, stuffed chicken, rice, salad.  There was of course chocolate for dessert.

We watched TWO movies from the comfort of our own couch, with a roaring fire beside us, and more snacks than any two people should ever eat.

We were in bed by midnight, because that’s how we roll….

It wasn’t wild, or crazy.  No drinking, no crowd, no noise.  Just the two of us (with a pact not to talk about the kids) enjoying a quiet evening at home and reflecting on how ridiculously lucky we really are. 

…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I can hardly wait for our next wild weekend. 

(Good grief I am old!)


  1. That is my kind of wild weekend. When my husband and I went to Newport, we were in bed by 9pm. Lovely. I guess my wild days are over.

  2. Sounds perfect to me!

  3. Sounds like you had a great night together! Hubby and I spent our Saturday night (kids in bed) cleaning and rearranging the kitchen… for 3 hours. Your night sounds like it was more fun that ours. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a perfect night!

  5. This is very similar to what DH and I do when our little one is out of the house. Being alone together is our favorite aspect of date night, but sleeping is a close second.

    Glad you enjoyed!


  6. woot. my parents do the save for us…and your weekend sounds just about perfect for me…smiles…

  7. That sounds like HEAVEN to me!!

  8. That sounds like a dream weekend to me.

    They should tell you before you have kids, how much they really take out of you.

  9. I love it. Sounds like a perfect evening. Merry Christmas!

  10. That truly sounds like the perfect night! I would imagine ours would be pretty similar. Maybe some Xbox in there somewhere too. LOL.

  11. It WAS perfect!

  12. you guys need to calm down some 😉

  13. No, not old….you are perfect!!!! Love it!

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