Squeezing in Date Night with #Equal and #CBias

The Christmas crazies have taken over my life and I have a confession to make; date night with Hubby, it’s fallen victim to the time crunch.  Sad right?  This week we swore we would carve out even just an hour for each other and sneak away for some couple time.  I might have cheated a bit, we headed to Starbucks, right next to my favourite Chapters so I could pick up just one more gift!!


As we waited in the quickly moving line to order our coffees, I managed to talk dear Hubby into splitting a huge piece of luscious looking lemon poppy seed loaf.   Yummo.  This is the perfect treat for us to split because he doesn’t love it nearly as much as I do.  Why is this good?  Uhh I get more!  We placed our order.  Grande Tazo Chai Latte with Soy Milk for me and a Grande White Mocha for the Hubby.  I took a moment to ask the super friendly barista if she had any Equal.  Since I’ve switched to Soy Milk I could use a little more sweet in my drink.  I’m not quite used to the change in taste.  She politely gestured in the direction behind me and pointed out two other sweeteners on offer, but no Equal.  I was appreciative to see two other sweeteners available, but Equal as a choice would have been nice! 

After getting my Latte just the way I like it, I headed back to a different Barista, double checked that there was no Equal and requested a comment card.  I did assure her that I also wanted to provide Starbucks with the feedback that their staff are truly the friendliest around.  Seriously, where do they find these people.  As “surveys” are only headed out randomly, and there were no comment cards available, I was directed to their website at mystarbucksvisit.com.  Perfect and so easy!


Hubs and I sat, enjoyed our snack and fabulous coffees.  So great to just sit for a moment and watch the world go by.  We might have had a giggle at couple of the super flustered shoppers flying in and out!   For once, those panicked patrons are not us! 


New Years resolution.  More quick coffee dates with my Hubby. It really does make the day that much brighter. Smile 

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias Opinions expressed in this post are own.  

If you are interested in learning more about Equal you an find them on twitter at @EqualCanada or on Facebook


  1. woot…i am all about more coffee dates…love me some bux…

  2. Good for you for squeezing in time together!

  3. Very very smart thinking about the lemon loaf.

  4. Love coffee dates:-)

  5. It is important to stop every now and again and watch the world go by.

    Merry Christmas, Stephanie!

  6. Yay for dates!

  7. I could use some time like that right now!!!

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