A Simple Vote To Win $100 ?

It’s true!  There is a super simple way to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card.  All you have to do is follow the link below and Vote Stephanie as your favourite entry in the 3M Deck The Halls contest.  (Well you can vote for whoever you like, but I’m going to go all Glee on you , do a little hard campaigning and say Please Please vote for me!!)

(Sorry, have to do a little begging here at the end of the contest because I have the sneaking suspicion I am waayyy behind the completion.  There seems to be an awful lot of Martha Stewarty types out there!!)

So if you think this:


…is all kinds of pretty

and a great use of the 3M Command products,

I hope you will pop over to Everythingmom.com and vote for me as your favourite display!  (you know because I’m your favourite Sassy decorating diva)  Again, if you vote you are automatically entered to win that $100.00 VISA gift Card just in time for all that holiday shopping. 

Thanks for the love!

Vote for me here! Vote for Stephanie!!




  1. my wife is going to kid me forever when i start getting emails from everything mom…just saying…

  2. LOL Thanks Brian, I owe you a vote!

  3. It looks fantastic!

  4. looks great off to vote..

  5. This is super creative and quite lovely. You Canadians have good taste! We could use some of that to the south. I’m off to vote for Sassy Modern Mom! 🙂

  6. Done! 🙂

  7. Voted for you!

  8. So cute! I voted for you! Thanks!

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