Rude People, Burnt Coffee & Pee On The Seat

*Waiting in line at the grocery store for 15 minutes for the privilege of checking myself out.  Sigh.  Can we not hire some more staff please? Clearly your store is busy enough!

*People who PARK in the DROP OFF ONLY area at school.  It’s not rocket science people.  If the area says “Pick Up and Drop off Only” that is what it means.  When you are “Just waiting for your child to come out of school and then you will move”  but you’ve been sitting there for 20 minutes snarling the circling traffic and top it off by giving me the finger… are PARKED you idiot.   

*Pushy people in the mall.  I’m sorry but you people need to start control your bags.  Yes, control your bags.  I am so tired of being whacked, smacked and knocked into by people who cannot control their purchases!   Either take some of that crap you just bought to the car, get a cart or just slow down and watch where you are going!  Stop with the walking into me all the time.  I am 5 ft. 9” I KNOW you can see me! 

*Burnt Coffee.  I won’t say where from, but when I go pick up a coffee, pull out of the drive thru and take that first sip to be met by a horrid burnt taste.  Oh such sadness. 

*Pee on toilet seats.  No not at my house!  When I’m out and about!  Clearly I am a woman, and only using the women’s bathroom.  This is not where one expects to find pee on a seat!! How on earth do women get pee on the seats and the FLOOR and not notice?  If you hover when you um go…(good for you I do too) here’s a little tip: Check that seat when you are done!  If you have left a little dribble give that baby a wipe.  No one wants to deal with your leftover urine.  For goodness sake a Granny or a child might sit right in it! Shiver and Ick.

Sigh, Just had to get that off my chest!

What’s rubbing you the wrong way today?


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  1. Awhhh nothing says the holidays like getting whacked, burnt coffee and pee pee. UGH! I encountered all three this weekend too. JERKS!

  2. Haha, wow! Yet you still manage to present it all in a funny way.:) Hmm, me? It’s so dark and rainy here…not very funny and not very interesting but there you have it. My exciting life.:)

  3. Oh yes, I can identify with all those.

  4. i dont go to the mall if i can help it , they are crazy this time of year…and esp if you paid $4 for that burned coffee…

    people that play with their phones and sit through traffic lights burn me up

  5. I couldn’t agree more about the pee on toilet seats! I decided about a year ago that I refuse to wipe up other people’s pee. If there is pee on the seat, I will leave the stall and find another, even if it means waiting in line again. I’m just not doing it! How could a person be so disgusting???

  6. And this is why I shop online! Or super early in the morning with the old ladies.

  7. Old lady pushing my stroller forward the all of 6 inches open between me and the lady in front of me – It ain’t gonna make the checkout go any faster lady! Stop stuffing me into the line! 🙂

  8. Sometimes I think ladies rooms might be worse than men’s rooms. I find leftovers on the toilet and in the toilet all the time. Thank goodness I’m not a sitter.

    I bought everything online this year. No malls for me!

  9. eeeewwwwww. pee on the seat. and sticky floors. eeeewwwwww

  10. I never understood the bags slam into your routine at the mall, as you say I KNOW THEY CAN SEE ME! Gross pee on the seats and burnt coffee!

  11. I love when you post these! LOL!
    I sort of wrote something similar today. About why “we take it”.

  12. The pee thing is disgusting. Yuck.

  13. You just described me. I would also like to add:
    -People who don’t use a turn signal, or, worse yet, wait until they are ALREADY. TURNING. to signal.

    -People who hold up the grocery store line while balancing their checkbook. It can’t wait until you get to your car?

    -People (like my S.I.L.) who feel the need to constantly one up a person. Why is life a competition? What are you trying to prove?

    WOW – I that felt good. I needed that! Thanks!


  14. People who allow their kids to wrestle mine to the ground, because “they’re playing”. No, bitch, can you not see the look on my kid’s face? He’s not happy. This isn’t play to him — it’s torture and bullying. And when he’s not happy, your kid won’t be happy, if I have my way.

    [sigh] Ah, thanks, I needed that! 🙂

  15. I don’t really understand how women manage to pee on the toilet.

  16. O man. I can relate to all of those. And Nenette AM….amen sister…amen!!!!!! I really think people in general. Just bug the &;);$: out of me sometimes!

  17. Oh I have so many things I could say about school pickup! Why is that most people can obey and do what he rules say but there is the one or two people that think they are above the rules!?!

    I generally try and avoid the malls.
    And the pee yes just take care of it people!

  18. All of the above.

    I was once the manager of the front end of a busy store and dealt with the complaints of line ups all the time. It is frustrating to a lot of people.

  19. I am always getting hit with people’s bags. I guess they can’t see me…I’m only 5’1″.

    I love your idea for your dad’s bday. What a great gift!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. <3

  20. I wish I could simply say “I’m sorry to hear about your awful day”. I wish it wasn’t all too familiar. I wish it was so strange and unusual … but I cannot. It is All Too Familiar, but no less appalling!

  21. Women are pigs when it comes to public restrooms! Some times I think they are worse than the men’s! I always love it when they leave dirty diapers on the floor or on top of the toilet paper dispenser, awesome! This is why I up my meds for OCD when going out ha!

  22. I am always the obnoxious person in Super Walmart exclaiming loudly, “Why do you have 32 registers if you only ever have 3 open!?!?”

  23. I had a full grocery cart yesterday and I saw two 15 or less checkouts open and then the self check out. I looked at the woman by the self check and said are you telling me I have to check myself out? They opened a few regular lanes 🙂 I was actually going to walk out, they made me do that once before and I hated it. Yes wet toilet seats is gross. I was at our Macy’s getting cologne for my husband. I was waiting my turn, the woman ringing people was also teacher someone new. No problem.
    This woman comes next to me and keeps saying excuse me and asks a question. Excuse me, then asks a questions. EXCUSE ME! The sales lady was with a customer and this person was so rude. When it was my turn I told her that I loved that she ignored the woman.

  24. You are so funny and honest!!!! I don’t get the pee on the seat thing….it really is disgusting and some women are LAZY!!!!

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