How To Survive Christmas In The Suburbs

Christmas is coming and it’s confession time.  I am NOT ready this year.  I have decided I need to help myself by taking a little pressure off!  Here is a post from a couple of years ago.  I’m going to go and wrap some pressies, finish some shopping and re-bake the cookies I ate.  If you don’t see me commenting for a few days it’s because I’m in full on Christmas Panic!  Happy Holidays!  Mwah!


Christmas come and goes in a flash!

All that prep.

The shopping, the baking, the organizing..the panicking?

How can one little Mama possibly keep her family of four happy, get them to all the open houses, family Christmas gatherings, through the meals and survive the photo shoots in one piece?

It’s not easy my friends.

Here are a few tips I have learned along the way:

Start shopping today for next year, it’s the only way you are ever going to get it all done without breaking the bank.

When you think you are done buying all of your gifts, your not. But one extra super generic gift for when some peep who is clearly nicer and way more thoughtful then you shows up with a gift for you. You don’t have one for her? Awkward.

Same goes for Christmas cards. When you go get the mail and there is some love sent to you from your second cousin twice removed, it would be sweet if you have an extra card on hand ready to go. Throw that baby in the mail IMMEDIATELY. Butt is now covered.

Don’t make the damn Christmas cookies so far ahead. You and your wee ones (mostly you) will eat them and then you will be forced into re-creating all those mouth watering yummies.

Plan out those Christmas Eve and Christmas Day outfits for yourself and the kiddies a good week in advance. I guarantee you will be short at least one pair of tights and possibly a red sweater. While you are at it, have at least one back up plan for all your lovelies. Food disasters, hormones or the fact that you ate 4 dozen cookies and no longer fit in your “go to” pants may force you into a back up plan.

Do you have enough AAA and AA batteries? NO. You do not. There are never enough. Go get some more.

Sweetie, no matter how hard you try you are going to be tired. It’s OK. You can sleep in January.

Be prepared with Tylenol, Wine and expectations at a realistic level and you are ready for the season of Peace, Joy and Christmas in the Suburbs.

Happy Holidays!!



  1. and lots of coffee to keep from going into coma after they ask every half hour through the night if santa has come yet….

  2. I always am buying batteries…seriously! Ugh.

    Merry Christmas! XO

  3. AH! Glad to know I’m not the only one totally behind this year (and slightly hung over from too many rum and eggnogs last night while wrapping gifts).

  4. Good plan….I’ll have to implement it next year because right now I’m too far behind on this year!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Well said! I usually try to get all those things done but I’m falling a bit behind this year! And to think that I did this last year with a sprained ankle! I cannot remember how I did that!

  6. Good grief, this is funny. I don’t (well, I can’t) bake, so I don’t have the cookies to worry about, but everything else you described is PERFECT advice. I had to call my photographer this year and order more cards. I started shopping in September, but I’m still running around with my head cut off trying to find “Santa” gifts and stocking stuffers. And yesterday, a friend gave me an early gift in addition to our annual exchange, but I didn’t have an “extra” gift for her.


    Best to you in these final moments.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Great advice my dear. Merry Christmas!!

  8. Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Off to get more batteries… Thanks.

  10. I’m not ready either. Spent 10 hours finishing the tree yesterday. Must bake, wrap, bake, wrap and then back/wrap somemore!!!

  11. The wine is a must!

  12. Good advice. I’m looking forward to sleeping in January.

  13. Yep this is all so true! And thanks for the battery reminder.

  14. So funny and true. I actually had to hide some of the cookies today…hide them from me that is….otherwise no cookies for Santa!

  15. Happy Christmas to you and your wonderful family!!!!

  16. Happy Christmas, and I love your tips, I wish I would have read this last week!

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