How Can We Ever Repay Them?

This past week my Dad celebrated his 70th Birthday.  For weeks my sister and I struggled back and forth with the weakest of gift ideas.   How would we ever find a present suitable for such an occasion?  How do you ever start to re-pay your Dad for working too hard, commuting too long and ultimately giving us a childhood that although not story book perfect, (don’t think anyone has one of those) was pretty damn close.  A 70th Birthday deserves something special right?

When I think back on my childhood my favourite memories revolve around the family cottage.  Waiting for my Dad to get home on Friday nights.  Pacing in the kitchen, my Mom with the cooler packed and the suitcases in the car.  Occasionally getting yelled at on the long drive “up north” with a “Don’t make me pull this car over!” But most of all, my memories are of the too short weekends and the picture perfect summers at the lake. 

My parents set the standard pretty high for childhood memories.  How will I ever give my girls this kind of gift?  Memories they will treasure forever.  How will I ever repay my parents for taking us out of the city, teaching us to ski, fish like a dude, drive a boat with confidence, and become a best friend with my sister.  

I hope this is a start….


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Our Gift

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My sister and I, we’re taking them back. All of us together where those best memories began; and we’re adding Husbands and Grandkids to the mix.  Time to start making some new memories. 

It’s going to be……blog worthy.

Think it’s too early to start a countdown to next summer?

Love you Dad.


  1. Best idea ever!! What a great gift!

  2. What a great gift! Happy birthday to your dad.

  3. That is great!
    I think that your dad (and mom) are rather lucky to have daughters like you and you sister!!!!
    (I love the song in the video!)

  4. You guys are the best kids ever. They’re going to have the best time (if they can ever stop crying from being so touched).

  5. What a treasure!!

  6. nice…that sounds like an awesome idea…and experiences and memories are def the best gift…

  7. I believe they will love it! I love the song too. Hearing it always makes me smile!

  8. Amazing awesome gift!! I hope you all have a wonderful time there

  9. A great plan…and a real homage to your growing up with such a great dad. Wishing him the best!

  10. This is one of the sweetest gifts. My family has the same kind of relationship. I have no idea how I’d repay them for everything they’ve done for me. But it looks like you found the perfect way! I hope ya’ll will enjoy it!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I absolutely love the title of yours! I attempted life in the suburbs and only lasted a year. ;o) I wasn’t cut out for that kind of lifestyle!

  11. What an amazing gift for your dad. BTW, can you ask your dad if I can be an adopted daughter? I would love to spend a week in that gorgeous cottage!!!

  12. So awesome!!! You are wonderful daughter!

  13. Happy, happy birthday to your dad! He’s going to love that gift!

  14. Cool idea, love it!

  15. Oh, that is so sweet! What a lovely idea. 🙂

  16. How wonderful… you found the perfect thing!

  17. I think Dads are the hardest to buy gifts for. They already have everything they need. (By the way, any Christmas gift suggestions for MY dad???)

  18. It’s never too early to begin the countdown to warm summer days.

    I still quiver with excitement on those Friday afternoons, ready to hit the road. The anticipation of arriving at the lake is magical. I suspect it always will be.

    Thanks for sharing your memories, and Happy Birthday to your Dad.


  19. I forgot to add: HOW BEAUTIFUL! Just awesome.


  20. Grandpa Smarties says:

    Love you girls….thanks again! Grandpa Smarties!!

  21. I want to come! Looks so beautiful.

    Grandpa Smarties comment is so sweet.

  22. Such a grea gift idea! Can’t wait to read about it! 🙂

  23. This made me CRY!!!!! What a sweet gift….there is nothing better than the gift of time together!!!!
    Your gift giving rocks. Happy birthday to your sweet and hard working Daddy!

  24. What a great gift!!!

  25. That is so perfect, what a great idea! Have fun. He is going to love it and you picked the perfect song for your video.

  26. That is a wondeful gift. I hope you enjoy your time together as a family making memories.

  27. Love, love,love this! So beautiful, they will love it too!


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