Having A Me Day?

Wait?  I’m the Mama of two, it’s three weeks before Christmas, I’ve started (and stopped) a bathroom reno, and am trying to invent a cure for snoring.  There is no such thing as a “Me Day” is there?  Okay, so we scrapped that idea, and as a family decided it was time to declare a “We are going to do nothing day”  Perhaps we can thank the uber catchy “Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to stay in my bed” la la la  song.  So how does THAT day go?

Managed to sleep in until 9am.  (might be because I had a complete temper tantrum at 2am, grabbed my blanket and pillow “Linus style”, dragged it stomping feet and all down the hall to the spare room. My Husbands snoring is making me CRAZY!)  Deep breath.

Watched some quality HGTV and dreamed about the possibility of flipping a house.  Oh, but then I looked at the bathroom reno Hubby and I have started and pretty much agreed not to talk about for a couple of days cause it is a DISASTER.  Can someone send me an interior designer please?  I can’t even believe I’m going to show you these…Yuck.


Encouraged the kids to go play some more games on the Wii.  You know, because I am such a good Mama and wanted to get them out of my hair and for some reason today they WON’T STOP TALKING.

Went out and grabbed some muffins and fun coffee’s from McCafe.  They really are bringing back the break!  My fave, the Latte with the freshly ground espresso and a shot of vanilla.   Hubby is more of a Mocha Man, uh, might be the chocolate syrup and whipped cream?  Of course for my girls, it’s the Deluxe Hot Chocolates all the way. Yum.hero_mccafe-hot-chocolate

Stole some true Me time and checked out Facebook, said hello on Twitter and even wrote a blog post!  Social Media addiction fed, I could move on.

Flipped through some travel magazines and marvelled at all the places in the world I will never see.

Compared myself to Old Mother Hubbard, nothing in the cupboard for supper.  Why didn’t I pick up a couple of things when I went out for McCoffee?  Oh right.  Me Day.

Started to nag about homework and piano then remembered I was not going to do that today.

Laughed very hard at Hubby getting frustrated and spazzy that he “just can’t get past that level of Wii Star Wars Lego”.

Ignored the laundry, the dishes, the floors and the groceries. 

Decided on take-out for dinner and a rented movie for night time entertainment.

Verdict.  Truly thankful we slowed down, if only for a day.  I have a feeling it might be next year before we can do it againSmile


  1. Lovely! Sounds like it was much deserved.:)

  2. wallpaper is so annoying! good luck with getting the rest removed.

  3. Aaah….removing wallpaper and bathroom renos. Both bring back big memories.

  4. trust me i had a few moments with star wars lego…smiles…coffee therapy is good too…it will get there…

  5. A day like that is a must during this time of year!!! Sounds like a good one and remember that you always have Paris!

  6. This is precisely my day today!! Doing nothing, ignoring the mess, playing too many video games and trying not to think about what needs to be done to the house. We all need these days…we just don’t get them often enough! And good luck with your bathroom reno…taking down wallpaper is the most AWFUL thing ever!

  7. Sorry, but these bathroom pictures are hilarious. That’ll teach you to be motivated!

    I’m trying to work out an arrangement with my wife, where one of us takes the kids for the day to her mom every Saturday. Life makes much more sense when you have a chance to drink a whole cup of coffee sitting down.

  8. So important to slow down. We should all do it more often.

  9. Perfect Day.

    You are so brave with the reno’s.

  10. Yesterday, I posted about my need to slow down…I have a bit of a different perspetive, but we’re definetly on the same page.

    I’m glad you took a “do nothing day.” Those are the best.


  11. Oh the idea of a me day. I realized that no matter what, my brain never stops thinking of mom things, house things, etc. If I stay at home alone or with a full house…. If I am at my gf’s house….it doesn’t seem to matter. I hope you relaxed better than I do!

  12. Love those lazy days. We try to get those in at our house too. I’ve been know to let my daughter play a little Xbox when I needed a break. And darn it, those
    Lego games are kinda tough! Lol

  13. Loving the McCafe. It was the perfect day for slowing the pace.

  14. Good for you…you deserve a day now and then. And then SOME!
    You need to get some good earplugs, they have saved our marriage!!!!

  15. My husband snores if he sleeps On his back- so if he does I just kick him and he rolls over. And yes sometimes a day doing nothing really is so perfect.

  16. I am so jealous of your sleep in, one day Ill get them again!

  17. I’m very jealous… our weekend looked like this… Friday: Girl at sleepover, Boy and I get tree, swing through drive-thru… set up tree in garage…watch movie. Saturday… laundry, vacuum, pick up Girl, get Boy to parade early because he is marching with football… watch parade… go home, feed kids, sitter comes… out to dinner for friend’s birthday, home late… Sunday: Church, finish vacuum, more laundry, football awards ceremony, dinner out/too tired to cook, finish Christmas decorations, school work… bed. *sigh* I’m more tire this morning than I was Friday!

  18. I need to do this too… not just the one day a year, on my birthday.

    And sorry about wallpaper, wallpaper sucks.

  19. The worst part about a day when you do nothing is cleaning up after it the next day!!

  20. Oh sounds like the perfect day..minus the night of snoring. That is the worst.

  21. Wall paper is the worst to get off!! It takes forever!

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