Escaping The Suburbs

It doesn’t always go the way you planned. 

Our plan; one last great escape before 2011 came to a close.  The kids had a ridiculous amount of time off school…two whole weeks..and we needed a not so “spendy” way to carve out some family time together! 


It should have gone like this:

-Picture perfect Christmas.  Leave It To Beaver style.  Sorta. (with wine, Hubby cooking and me being greedy about chocolate and gifts)

-one gluttonous day in PJ’s, a Boxing Day tradition.

-three panicked hours of packing and then hit the road!

-Borrowing a gorgeous cottage on a lake for a full week of family fun.


How it really went:

-48 hours of Mama tossing her cookies I know TMI but seriously it was awful

-three more days of being as weak as a newborn kitten, and whiner then a pre-schooler an hour past nap time.

-one broken furnace (Seriously.  So now I’m cold too.  Freakin fabulous)

-a crying pathetic pity party for one siting in the bottom of the shower because I was too weak to stand up but was gettin kind of rank and needed a shower feeling like I had ruined Christmas and even the damn house was now conspiring against our almost free getaway

-finally pulling up our boot straps and my fake everything is FINE face and making a run for the lake

-Two girls, 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 unbelievably patient Husband and me. A modern suburban motely crew. *Note to fellow suburbanites: When the cat cries in his crate it is not because he is lonely and wants to play.  Do not let him out to “play”.  He shall just squat down on your floor and pee vigorously . Gagging and screaming ensues.  Pit stop required. 

-Mama ends up over doing, well, everything and is relegated to being a useless tool sitting beside a roaring fire as my dear daughters take turns repeatedly asking me “Are you feeling better now Mommy?”.  Each time getting the patented Mama response “Oh I think so Honey, Mommy just over did it today.while silently cursing myself for dragging myself so far from pharmacy’s and hospitals.


Now a reality check.  All are tucked snugly in their beds and here I sit writing my very first post for Escaping the Suburbs….anxious for 2011 to be over, thrilled for all that 2012 holds for all of us. It’s not the way I planned to get here….. but we made it.    Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches or they will truly knock you down.  Life is good and I am blessed.

I’m thankful for friends, family and readers alike!! Cheers to each of you as we usher in this New Year!  Be safe, be healthy, be joyous.  Hoping we all have a chance to Escape the Suburbs in 2012, and I will have some great adventure’s to share along the way!  I can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring and where it will take us.

Much love…


  1. smiles…hope you are feeling better…ack on being sick over christmas…sorry it was rough…and i know you made some memories for them…smiles.

    happy new year!

  2. It’s so hard when The Mama is down sick. The family falls apart. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Happy New Year Modern Mom! So glad I found your blog this year. Wishing you and your a family a great New Year minus all the tossing of the cookies. UGH.

  4. happy new year to you and family

  5. Here is to a germ free 2012! Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year!!!!

  7. Stephanie, you are such a trooper. Here’s hoping you and your family ring in the New Year with much fun and good cheer. And no more cookies…

    Diana – Toronto Teacher Mom

  8. Unbelievable, so sorry things didn’t go as planned. Not the best ending to the year. ((HUGS)) Get some rest so you can face the New Year with gusto!

  9. So sorry you had a miserable few days, especially days that were destined to be so nice! Here’s to recovery and a fabulous 2012!

  10. If something ever goes as planned….prepare to be shocked. Cause I will too.
    Sorry you had such a bad trip….and I can’t believe you take your cat anywhere. 🙂
    Happy new year friend!!!

  11. I really don’t mean to laugh at you, because illness is never funny, nor are broken furnaces and cat pee. That said, the way you re-counted the events has me giggling. I’m reminded of the time about 6 months ago that one of our Golden Retrievers had a very smelly accident while we were in the car in the middle of no where in western ND. SO nasty, but the memory makes me laugh.

    Here’s to a healthy, happy, and trouble free 2012!

  12. I hate being sick during the holidays! Here is to a great new and exciting year! So have enjoyed getting to know you in 2011

  13. I hope you are feeling much, much better!

  14. You closed out the year in a similar fashion to me, I’m afraid. Glad you’re feeling so much better. Happy New Year!

  15. Well that seriously bites, there is nothing worse then being sick during xmas. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

  16. Oh my! I hope you’re already starting to feel better! Hope NYE went well!

  17. Happy New Year.. Sorry you were not feeling well. Thanks for stopping by this past year..

  18. Always hard when Mama is down. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes we doesn’t realize how good things are at home until we leave 😉

  19. Argh you poor poor thing, I hit the ground in a big way too, think its the universe’s way to tell us mumma’s its time to take it easy?

  20. Sorry it didn’t go the way you planned, but I hope you’re feeling better.

    Happy New Year!

  21. Happy New Year!

    Finding humor in your “situation” is the best way to get through it! Glad you made it on your getaway!

  22. I’m so sorry for your misfortune, but hope you are feeling so much better! I too amd super excited for 2011!!

  23. Oh gawd, we got sick too – dislike!!

  24. Wow, you really had it worse off. My sick was over within 24 hours. I know how you feel about being sick at someone else’s house, that sucks bad. Being in your own bed can make such a difference. Glad it’s all overwith.

  25. Hope your new year turns out much better… it is getting colder!

  26. We are going away this weekend. Hiking, camping and eating camping food. Not really sure if we are coming back home sick or not. Hopefully our 19 months old will have a blast!

    Narathip wall

    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  27. Being sick over holidays suck especially when you go somewhere! We all were sick as well but at least we were at home (not counting the hospital visits!)

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