Christmas Eve, Trampolines and Tossed Cookies

Christmas Eve was a great success.  Dinner at the in-laws, gift opening, giggling grand children, too much food and Great Grandma falling asleep in her chair.  There is something reassuring about consistency. 

Christmas Eve saw the traditional opening of one gift, new PJ’s and Christmas Cookies for Santa.   Sweetness.


The kids went to sleep quickly, I was the one up tossing and turning with excitement.  This year Christmas was going to be perfect!  (You know, as perfect as Christmas can be in the Suburbs with two kids, a dog, a cat and me cooking for the entire family when cooking is so not my forte)

Christmas morning started out just the way I had hoped.  My SweetGirl bounding into our bedroom announcing it was “CHRISTMAS!!  TIME TO GET UP”.  And so we did.  Present opening started as planned.  Happy girls, happy parents.  Then….I felt the need to speed things along.  I started rushing my children.  Hurrying them from one gift to the next, encouraging them to move along, all under the quizzical stare of dear Hubby.  Finally it was time for the big reveal.  The last big present of the day.  We had a small treasure hunt through the house, complete with a very bad poem, that led our PJ clad girls to the garage to find their ….drum roll please…..

Trampoline! Yes, the big gift we had been saving for and aching to give to our dear daughters.  The secret I had been keeping for months! 

Thirty seconds after the big reveal……Christmas was over for me.  I dropped the video camera, and made a run for the Master Bath.  That bathroom is where I stayed for the next 48 hours.  So sick, so sad, so disappointed.  This was not the Christmas I had planned.  I was meant to be passing cookies, not tossing cookies.  Now here it is the 29th and I am still in the depths of a pity party for one.  Feeling like I let down my girls, my Hubby, my parents, my sister and her family.  The worst of it, I’m still sick! 

Small reality check.  It’s just  a flu.  (and I did lose 5 lbs)  I will recover.  It does make you count your blessings and say a little prayer for all the people who are truly ill this Holiday Season. 

So for now, I will try and put this yuck Christmas behind me and drag my dehydrated butt downstairs to open the rest of my Christmas Gifts.

Happy Ho Ho Ho to all of you.  Hope your cookies this year were served on a plate, not in a porcelain bowl. 



  1. shhh…my son wanted a trampoline and wanted to know why he did not get one…we need a break from hospital bills…lol…

    so what time did she come bounding in…ours was way too early…smiles…but lots of fun…

  2. That stinks but couldn’t be helped. You didn’t let anyone down.

  3. You must have known… that’s why you felt the need to rush… my mom is a rusher and since she is with us every Christmas morning, well… it makes me a little crazy!

    Feel better!

  4. Yay for the trampoline.

    Boo for being sick!

  5. Wow…crazy that your sickness lasted so long! My Baby Girl also tossed her cookies on Christmas Day (in public) but recovered much more quickly. It was sad that we had to give her some of her presents on the 26th. Hope you get your full strenth back quickly. If you’ve been sick for that long, I’m sure your house is even messier than mine! Good luck!

  6. This made me cry. I know the feeling of wanting the day to be perfect, enjoying each moment to the fullest. I am so sorry.

  7. Awww! Sorry to hear your Christmas was spoiled with the flu! All the more excuse to have an after Christmas party to celebrate what you missed! 🙂

  8. Shut. Up.

    Honey Bunny!! I am so sad for you. What an awful way to spend Christmas. But please don’t feel like you let others down. Certainly everyone was understanding and felt awful FOR YOU.

    Ok, now. Come back to San Diego.

  9. Oh no! That would upset me too, I love Christmas. Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

  10. Well, I am on day 9 of being sick here, so I feel ya. Stupid bathrooms.

  11. Well, that just stinks (no pun intended).

    Seriously, I’m so sorry that you got sick on Christmas. Not fair!


  12. Oh no. Hope you feel better soon and that it doesn’t spread through the house.

  13. Oh you poor possum. I hope that you are now better. Do you girls just love their trampoline? Our boys spend hours apon hours on ours, its been our best purchase yet.

  14. Steph, I’m sorry, but I’m jealous you lost five pounds! Man, I’ve been sick for two weeks and i think I’m STILL GAINING weight by even just looking at the holiday food! LOL! In all seriousness, I’m sorry you were sick! But overall I’m sure it was a good Christmas and your girls were SO happy! 🙂 I only recorded my boys for 1.5 minutes… that makes me sad because they were so excited and adorable. SIGH.
    Happy New Year! xo

  15. oh boo! 🙁
    that is some serious sick you got going on 🙁
    Hope that you’re feeling better ASAP!! Need me to bring you some tea from Starbucks? 🙂

  16. Boo.Hiss. NOT good for Mama. BUT, I always say, it’s not a holiday until someone gets sick! (Lo lost her cookies for 3 days starting Christmas eve)
    I hope you are feeling better by now.
    I want a trampoline too!!!

  17. Maybe that’s why you were tossing and turning the night before?? 🙁 Poor thing. My mom gave my kids a trampoline this year too. CRAZY.

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