Awkward Dancing Much?

So, would you dance with him, or run the other way?

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I wish I felt free enough to let it all go and dance like nobody was watching.  I save my stellar moves for the living room, or if I really want to embarrass the kids, the front seat of the car ~top down, music up!!  

Merry ChristmasSmile


  1. I love this video! I wish I could dance w/ abandon like that too! I think those are the people who might have life all figured out!

  2. How cute is he???? SO cute. I wish I could do it too…for now, I’ll keep it INSIDE the house. 🙂

  3. You just can’t help but smile! He’s adorable.

  4. Yeah, I am all for doing what makes you feel good in the moment, and so–though perhaps slightly over the top–this guy just makes me smile.

  5. oh heck yeah…i am all for random dance parties…smiles.

  6. he is so cute!

  7. Oh, I’ve got moves like Jagger. Which I am more than happy to share with anyone willing to watch. Anyone else can turn their heads. 🙂

  8. Oh my daughter would love this. SHe would claim to do it herself. And she just might. haha. It’s funny how so people are totally ignoring him and others think he is just great. I am with the latter!!!

  9. This totally made me smile! If I thought I would see that at our mall then I might actually go!

  10. oh my… I would jump in with him… Love this and the sweater.. Ha Ha…

  11. I would run because of his sweater! Egads! But yes it would be so fun to do this though I would never be brave enough

  12. I so want to try this at the Mall of America! so badly!

  13. What a cute kid!

  14. Love. This.
    Makes me want get up and dance!

    Sara, if I was even remotely close to the Mall of America, I would totally come dance with you.

    Wearing appropriately tacky Christmas sweaters.

  15. OMG, that is the best thing I’ve seen in a while!! I would never be the one dancing like that in a mall but I would sure love to be friends with him:)

  16. Happy Tuesday.. Any dancing yet???

  17. Does car dancing count as ‘in public’? LOL.

  18. LOL Cute! Truthfully it would depend on my mood, some days I would dance with him & other days I’d run the other way, lol.

  19. If I was with my daughter, I’d dance. Otherwise, I’d probably just lie on the floor laughing!

  20. That was fun!

  21. Laughing me head off! I SO wish I could have seen that in person! I might think about doing that…if the stakes were high enough! Oh, and loving the wreath sweatshirt!!!

  22. Haha, thanks for the smile! Loved this, kudos to him for doing it!

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