Today I Was A Bitch

My SweetGirl is just that. Good hearted, kind, loving and sweet through and through.  She is also lacking a little bit in motivation. (foreshadowing)

Well, SweetGirl came to me after school today with a complaint.  She had been given the opportunity to play a piano song in her class.  She sat, she played, she was proud.  For a moment.  She was quickly followed by three other girls in her class who played “longer and harder songs, one of them was really good Mom and one was just showing off”.

Instead of being the supportive nurturing Mama I usually am; I was a snappy short tempered bitch.  My reply.  “Well, maybe those girls practice more then the bare minimum required of them.  Maybe their mothers don’t have to nag them every single day to get their piano done.  How many times did you practice this week?  If you want to succeed and get better you have to work at it.”  WHAT THE !  Who was that woman? 

SweetGirl did not know what hit her.  She had no idea that I had a headache from hell, that I had just picked cat poop off the floor, that the insurance company had screwed up again, that I had 14 things on the go, and about 6 hours of work to get done in the next two. In short, that poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

As tears started in her eyes, matching ones welled up in mine.  Mommy Fail.  I turned it around as best I could, told her if she worked hard she could do anything.  Had the ability to be an amazing piano player, IS in fact an amazing little piano player.  Hugged her. Apologized and still felt like a big ole jerk.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Mama in the Suburbs.

Sorry baby.  I will do better.


  1. Not to worry – you are human, not Supermom.

    The main thing is that you didn’t just leave it hanging out there – you tried to fix it and make it better.

    You’re a great mom!!!

    xo Debbie

  2. Oh sweets, you are too hard on yourself. Expecting anything “more proper” in the situation you were facing would mean you are perfect, and you’re not. And that’s okay too.

  3. the message was not bad, maybe the delivery needed some work…eh…we all drop the ball occassionally

  4. Oh my word, say it isn’t so!! You mean to tell us – you’re human like the rest of us?!? GASP!

    Ok, now I’M done being a bitch 😉

    Like the others have said, you recognized that it wasn’t your best moment, and addressed it immediately. Like Brian said, the message was a good one, even it wasn’t delivered in the way you would have liked. I’m sure Sweet Girl forgives you, and better yet, I’ll bet she thinks about the things you said, and recognizes that she CAN step up her game, if she wants.

  5. Oh my gosh 🙁 We’ve all been there. It’s tough being a Mama with lots on the go. I’ve had moments like that and have felt like you do. Heartbreaking. Give her an extra hug today. xoxox

  6. We’ve all been there lots o’ times…you handled it well afterwards. She’ll see you make mistakes and do your best to fix it.

  7. It happens to all of us. The best thing is the apology and hug. It’s the parents who say those things and don’t apologize who hurt their children. You did good!

  8. Oh boy. Sucks when we screw up, but at least you are sensitive enough to notice and grow from there.

  9. Well – if it’s of any interest or any consolation, I do that kind of thing more than I should. I always resolve to watch my tongue,and invariably don’t. It’s VERY hard to be a mum…. very hard indeed.

  10. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all have those moments and some of us more regularly than others…

  11. Aw. I feel your pain mama – been there, done that (involving piano pratise…or lack there-of…as well). You showed your daughter that we all make mistakes, but own up to them and set things right. That makes you a good mum. 🙂

  12. That sucks.
    But, it happens.
    And it still sucks.

  13. Oh girl- we all have our off days.

  14. Don’t be so hard on yourself, momma. I am sure sweetgirl knows how much she is loved.

  15. But you apologized. We all make mistakes, and she knows how much you love her.

  16. You apologized..and admitted to her, basically, that you have faults, too! I think that means more to her than you know.

    She knows you love her.

  17. Ugh! I’ve been the mom in these moments and I know it’s awful. Sometimes we all just…snap, a little. She’ll be okay though. It sounds like you turned it around and maybe it’s actually good for our kids to know, in some ways, that moms can be imperfect, too. But still — ugh!

    Be easy with yourself, okay?

  18. If it helps, my mother actually said stuff like to me all the time and I am (relatively) unscathed.

    I have to admit her approach did make me study and/or practice more. 😛

    You did the best you could and you tried to fix it. That is what is important.

  19. Now I understand your comment on my blog, murraysmomma. I so get it! Sometimes, stress gets the best of us.

    I teach piano – well, I used to before I ran out of patience when students refused to practice – and have found that if a person doesn’t love, love, love playing, it’s probably a waste of energy. That said, it sounds like your daughter does love to play. The fact that she felt bad about her performance says a lot.

    I love your blog!


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