SkyLanders Spyro’s Adventure

As the Mama to two pre-teens I’m always on the look out for new fabulous ways for us to spend time together.  When I was introduced to the brand new SkyLanders Spyro’s Adventure I knew I had struck gold!  A new kind of gaming experience that would be fun for the entire family.SKYLANDERS_LOGO_FINAL

I was sent a Wii Starter Pack which included the game, rated suitable for everyone, three Skylander Figures, a Portal of Power, Character Poster, Trading Cards and a Sticker sheet.  Everything you could ever need for an afternoon of family fun.  We synced our “portal” to our Wii, set out our brand new figures, readied the remotes and were anxious to begin.    Two portals are shown SpyroFigure

SkyLanders is a story driven adventure which allows children and adults to bring toys to life in a magical world.  


My youngest selected Spyro to start with. Stuck him on the portal and we all sat in amazement as he was ‘”transported” into the Skylanders world.  How cool.  I was immediately struck by the incredible graphics!  Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure offers over 30 characters to collect and play with.  Each figure has their own unique personality, powers and abilities which provide distinct advantages, and skill sets for various levels, obstacles and enemies.  Picking the correct figure for the level or obstacle is key if you wish to be successful in your game.  That and it’s just darn fun to switch them in and out of the portal!

It was explained to me that each of these figures are actually “Toys with Brains” meaning each figure has the ability to “remember” the player’s experiences and stats.  It knows what levels you have achieved and what you have collected along the way! This also means the characters or figures can travel seamlessly from my house to a friend’s or from one platform to another.  It can go travel to my BFF house and be used on their Will, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox360 or PlayStation 3 Computer system.  How cool is that? 

The story is easy to follow and in my opinion quite suitable for a young family.  (there is some blowing up of things, but no guts or gore and as a Mama I appreciate this!)

As the story unfolds players encounter a variety of vivid environments, each with its own unique look and feel, and each providing different challenges, puzzles, and the discovery of secret areas, rewards and mini-games.

There is also an opportunity for Co-Operative Play.  Players can join forces with friends and play together or select their favourite characters to tag-team against certain obstacles, hazards and/or enemies within the different levels of the game.

Perhaps my favourite mode.  The Player vs. Player It’s a classic battle between players, and who among us doesn’t like a little friendly competition! (my secret plan…to practice until I am really good, build myself a huge set of battle skills and then challenge Hubby to a battle, he won’t know what hit him! Insert evil laugh.)

Want more information about Skylanders?  Think it might be a perfect Christmas gift?  Find them on twitter @SkylandersGame or look them up on facebook.

Available everywhere!

Disclosure: I was sent a Wii Skylanders System for the purpose of review.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. these seem to be one of the big things for christmas this year…so they are cool?

  2. It really is a cool gme! My only mistake, not hiding it from the kids until Christmas. Would have been a great gift!

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