One Thing Not On My Bucket List

Hillbilly Handfishin. 



Have you heard of this show?? It’s on Animal Planet and also known as Noodling.  A show about throwing yourself into a muddy creek, wading upstream with yer buddies and sticking your body parts into random holes to use as “bait” until you catch yourself a giant ass catfish.  

23274 EP 8. Deliverables.



Um, her hand is in there between that things teeth!! Shiver.




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I can honestly say that Noodling is not something on my bucket list.  Good grief.  Is this on your bucket list?

Pictures borrowed from Animal Planet.


  1. That does NOT look like my idea of a good time!

  2. Gracious, that is just all kinds of awful. If I’m going to have to get muddy, it won’t be because I was doing THAT!!!!

  3. Definitely not on the bucket list.

  4. Haha it’s nuts!

  5. i guess it might be good to know in case i am ever stranded without food…lol…but no it is not…smile.

  6. What? WHAT?? Seriously?

    Yikes! That’s absolutely NOT on my bucket list! But it might be on my “Try To Repress It” list in the near future. Crazy!

  7. Oh, hell no. This would totally freak me out.

  8. saw it…no thank you! Eeewww.

  9. This scares the crap out of me!

  10. My bucket list is soooo boring that I have nothing on it 🙂

  11. WOW, I have never heard of this show. I’m sure my teenage son would think it’s the best thing ever! Me, not so much. Also not making it to my bucket list:)

  12. I saw that in passing the other day. No freakin’ way!

  13. There are so many things about this that are wrong. Having to live in the midwest surrounded by so many hillbillies is as far as I’ll go to subjecting myself to this….well, hickishness. Ew.

  14. No way. I would have to be stranded on some island for me to even think about catching something in my bare hands.

  15. My husband watches this show. Stupidest people ever.

  16. I’m with ya on that one! I have a friend who would be perfect for this show! When I mentioned it to her, she said she used to go with her dad when she was little! Ha!

  17. NO NOODLING for me. I’ll stick with Canoodling. 🙂

  18. Sure, stick my toes into a hole to get a catfish. I’ll stick with steaks.

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