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Movember Moustache

Oh yes, I know.  Movember Moustache is a great way to raise awareness about prostate cancer and in many cases to raise money for charity.  However, in my Hubby’s case this moustache growing thing; it’s simply the best way for him to challenge his buddies to a facial hair growing contest and I secretly think….to gross out his wife.  I hate his itchy, scratchy, SO unattractive, facial hair (that he keeps begging me to rub) and will be thrilled when December 1st rolls around!   I don’t have pics of the offending moustached Hubs gone wild, but anything that can take this man….


to this….


can’t be good!!

Seriously dudes what are you thinking???

So here is my question to you.  Do you think there will be a  dip in the number of births about 9 months from now?  I can’t be the only Mama who finds their man a little less attractive when he has his cave man on. Right?

Please say I’m right or Hubby might just keep this thing until spring!


  1. I’m the complete opposite. My man needs his beard. Maybe not a full one (not a big fan of that) but a nice short beard/goatee does wonders.
    He’s done a reverse movember and shaved off his ‘stache’ I hate it! Told him to grow it back asap.

    My daughter (9) is a huge fan of Tom Selleck, I think it’s his mustache.

  2. It’s so funny seeing all the men look like 70’s porn stars, isn’t it? 😉 Seriously, some of the staches I’ve seen…

  3. I hate facial hair too.

  4. ha. i am glad my wife likes facial hair…smiles.

  5. Ha!!! I can go with ‘trimmed’ facial hair…but that wild looking stuff scares me. Stuff could be living in there!!!

  6. I’m 100% with you! My Hubby grew a beard one time because his face was broken out from a new medication. I seriously think we had more marital fights during that time! Although, I must admit, he’s been sporting the Ryan Seacrest stubble a bit lately and I don’t completely hate it.

    Wow, those before & after pics of Brad are unreal! From one end of the spectrum to the other!!!

  7. I am a big fan of facial hair. Not that facial hair, but I go into a depression when my husband shaves his goatee.

  8. I LOVE IT. I am soooo creepy. I am walking around complimenting men EVERYWHERE!

  9. Argh I know its horrendous isn’t it.

  10. I like facial hair, but only when it’s not too long and scraggly!

  11. So I should consider myself lucky that my husband can hardly grow facial hair 🙂

    A little scruff is OK, a full on beard… umm, no, thank you.

  12. My hubby is starting late in the month, but he is going for a porn star stache.

  13. I don’t mind groomed facial hair.

  14. I am with you.. I am not a facial hair person at all. Have a great night..

  15. Hahah! Love it and fully agree! 🙂

  16. My hubby always has facial hair … just a bit of scruff, not a full beard. Btw, I am passing a blog award to you!

  17. Not a big fan of facial hair… and your pic has just confirmed that for me!

  18. I grew a stache and beard, long ago, when in college for a part in a play.

    Kept it ever since and mostly closely trimmed…luckily my wife is on the 50 percent side in favor.

  19. Hysterical! I definitely do not like his beard. He is such a cutie but that beard needs to go!

  20. hahaha love this post, it’s my favorite Movember post to date!!

    Hubby isn’t participating cough…

  21. Ugh! I find his disgusting anyways! I agree, I hate no shave November!

  22. Even a goatee grosses me out, let alone full facial hair!

  23. I love the facial hair…I throw a fit when my husband shaves.

  24. Hahahaha! I love this! I can’t wait to tell my fiance who is currently participating about your theory.

  25. I do sometimes like a little scruff- but that is it- just two days at most. But one thing I will never like is someone having just a mustache, makes me think of a rapist.

  26. My husband’s never had a mustache, but my dad used to have one and I always remember my mom saying it was like kissing a toothbrush.

    Just a few more days till December… 🙂

  27. I have to say I’m a fan of how the beard looks, but not how it feels !

  28. Fortunately, the Big Tuna has never been able to grow facial hair. It must be the Polish blood.

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