I Don’t Have Time For This

I was supposed to be at a Home and School Meeting last night. 

Big plans to help host a crazy fun dance for my BlueEyed girls school tomorrow.  There will be a DJ, pizza, dancing.  Boys and girls in grade 6, 7 and 8 getting their party on.  I must be in tip top shape. You can’t take your eyes off those pre-teens for a second!  They are slippery little things!

I made the mistake of starting a bathroom renovation one week before I’m supposed to hosting a 70th Birthday Party for my Dad?  Looks like a tornado tore off just half of that 20 year old stomach turning wall paper, wish the “tornado” would come back and finish up! I am a dumbass.

Oh and someone had the nerve to tell me there is less the 38 days until Christmas?  Can this be right?  I haven’t even started shopping!

So many balls in the air, not enough hands.

NO Time to be SICK.  This Mama needs a Sister Wife….you know, just for a couple of weeks, and one that is not allowed anywhere near my Hubby.  So wait, I guess I need a maid or a personal assistant.  Oh, and one that works for free, yep that might help.  Sigh.

Sending you all healthy vibes and a fabulous weekend!


  1. This is such a crazy busy time of year! Hoping the sicky germs stay away from us all!

  2. I agree with the Sister Wife comment. I have a friend who always talks about how she needs a “wife”!

  3. ha. a sister wife…oy…lots to do and little time…hope you get it done…

  4. This time of the year is getting crazy. I’m trying not to think about everything that needs to be done.

  5. My little one has been sick with a particularly nasty virus and I’ve been juggling for the past few days too… it sux quite frankly.
    I have committed to way too much this weekend and haven’t even a thought about our plans for Christmas so here’s my attitude… drink lots of red wine and make it all go away!!!
    Hope you’re up and at ’em soon!!xxx

  6. I love the idea of the non sexual sister wife as well!!! I think you and I are alike in wanting to find the perfect spot between bored and out of control. Very hard to find but keeps us coming back right? Good luck with it all. You can do it!!!!

  7. I totally dig the idea of a sister wife, and to be honest…there are some nights they could totally take my place in the “pleasing the hubs” department. I’m tired, you know????

    I hope you get all your balls juggled to the appropriate bag or slot or…wherever they are supposed to be. 38 days is a LONG time. Yup. Keep telling yourself that. 🙂 Happy weekend!

  8. Sorry but I had laugh. I saw those Sister Wives for the first time on the Rosie O’Donnel show yesterday.
    I don’t know how/why they do it but I would never share my husband!
    Hope some peace comes into your life today.

  9. Everyone in my circle is filled with shock at how Christmas has snuck up on us this year. It should be an especially mad rush of a holiday season. And then 2012 — yikes!

    Stay well! Fend off those germs!

  10. Ha ha….Sister Wife! So funny!

  11. I’ve been asking for a sister wife for years…still hasn’t happened.
    Best of luck to you!!!!

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