I Didn’t Want It To Happen…

I never wanted…

To mix up a teeny hand held air freshener with breath spray. Perhaps the picture of a pine tree should have been a clue?

To ever have to try to eat anything like this. Meal Worm Salsa? Shiver.


To ever admit to my 12 year old daughter that her grade 7 math is getting too difficult for me.

To send a powerful volt of electricity through my bod as I stepped out of a hot tub to do something really important; turn on the CD player.

To walk through a grocery store with spit up on my shirt, and baby poop on my pants. Fashionable.

To watch my Hubby break his big toe falling down getting out of the shower. Uh, cause I kicked him out of the shower, not in the “showering together” mood.

To ever confuse eyeliner with lip liner again.

To have a police officer knock on my door with a need to check my pool, and under my pool cover for a missing man. Gulp.

So the scary thing…all but ONE of these things are true! Meh, it happens. Can you guess which one is a fib?


  1. I hope it was looking for the man.

  2. I’m going with the worm salsa. EWWW!

  3. meal worm salsa…that is just wrong…the cops checking your pool? craziness…

  4. I am going with the cop story… I bet they have that yucky meal worm salsa some place.. Maybe you did not have to eat it.. Yes, blogging and having little ones is hard..

  5. As crazy as the cop story sounds I’m also going to go with the meal worm salsa…

  6. I’m hoping it’s the meal worm salsa….ick!

  7. I think it is the salsa too. I always get caught up these days on my kids homework. So much harder than when I was in school. Ha! I love google for that.

  8. I think it is the salsa too. I always get caught up these days on my kids homework. So much harder than when I was in school. Ha! I love google for that.

  9. Please tell me it was the worm salsa.

  10. Thinking it’s the cop one that isn’t true…however when my daughter was a teen, another teen was angry at her and called the police and reported us for something or other and the cops showed up at my door asking for the adult. Ummmm, you’re looking at her LOL. I had been reported for abandoning children. Teens, we’re talking 16 and 17 are not “children” and no I did not abandon them. Ok…so which one wasn’t true?

  11. Er, the lip liner / eyeliner mix-up? Really? If you had taken a picture of that, that would’ve been so blog-worthy. ;p

    Worm salaa?! I hope you didn’t… Shivers indeed!

  12. I’m going way out on a limb and saying that you never had spit up and poop on you. Girl, you lead a crazy life with all these truths!

  13. Is it sad that I’m hoping the worm salsa is false over the possible missing man in your pool?? I don’t do werid food!

  14. wow..which is the least of these evils? I’m going w/ the salsa. Looking forward to the answer!

  15. My guess is that you did not get an electric shock while stepping out of the hot tub.

    You definitely don’t live a boring life. 🙂

  16. Since I remember you blogging about a couple of these….I’m going with the eye/lip liner

  17. I’m going with the powerful volt of electricity running through your body! NOT.GOOD.

    Life in the suburbs is always exciting!

  18. Oh a couple of you have it right!!
    I will tell you the police story is true!! There was a man missing in my hometown and the police went door to door looking in backyards, sheds and under pool covers. So sad! (he was not in my yard!)

  19. Please let it be the meal worms yuk

  20. Oh god I hope its the worms

  21. Please let the fib be the meal worm salsa!!!!!

  22. Has to be the meal worm salsa….but…you have a picture of it?? Yuck!!

  23. Okay, time to fess up. I shocked myself, mixed up eyeliner with lipliner and had police knocking on my door needing to search my pool. What I would never do is eat Worm Salsa! YUCK

  24. I am so far behind in my blog reading but I was going to guess the salsa stuff. Pretty scary about the missing man!

  25. I’m late to this party but it was definitely interesting!!!

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