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I love Christmas.  It’s a wonderful time to play hostess at parties, make real time for your family, and of course deck the halls out in the most beautiful decorations of the year.  Christmas decorations! My problem, the decorating ideas in my head never turn out quite as envisioned?  Part of my issue.  Nails. I have nail hole anxiety.  It only takes one or two “little slips” to leave you with a wall full of nail holes and one red faced from laughing until his sides hurt Hubby.  Me, nails, Christmas decoration placement…yah. It has always equalled disaster.  Until now!!

The lovely people of 3M and sent me a huge array of Command Brand Decorative Hooks and a decorating challenge.  I am one of 15 bloggers who was challenged to use 3M Command products in a Holiday Decor Challenge!  Want to know what I did?  

I took this plain old mantel from this:

Deck1 Deck2

To this:IMG_6752 Do you love?  I do! 

I hope you will pop over to and browse the holiday gallery of pictures created by all the creative bloggers participating in the Deck The Halls 3M program.  While you are there perhaps you will consider throwing a vote for me as your favourtie display!  (you know because I’m your favourite Sassy decorating diva)  If you do vote there will be chances for you to win one of the many Visa Gift Cards.  New cash prizes every single week!! The gallery with the most votes will also win a cash prize! 

Thanks, you can vote for me here! Vote for Stephanie!!



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Disclosure:  I am participating in EverythingMoms 3MDeckthehalls program and was compensated for this post.  This review and thoughts expressed in this post are my own.


  1. You did such a great job!

  2. Yup. I LOVE!

  3. I think you did a stellar job! I’m going to have steal the idea of using those stars for wall art next year.

  4. I love it! I just cannot decorate! Although, not worrying about nail holes would help me place things, step back and look, then move around whatever doesn’t look right. Great idea!

  5. Super love it!! =)

  6. I love it!! The stars? The “Believe?” It’s just perfect!

  7. That does look awesome!! Love it!

  8. I love it, beautiful!

  9. You have inspired me!

  10. Beautiful! Come do my pad?

  11. Love what you did! Now I have to get in the moo for decorating! Voted! 🙂

  12. FABULOUS! I’ve had all of my decorations for awhile now…feeling the need to change things around this year!

  13. Beautiful!!!!

  14. A winner for sure! Love it! Must head off to the shops to pick up some 3 M Command Products!!

  15. Looks so festive, Stephanie.

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