Confessions From The Suburbs

*A Monday Morning letter to get the guilt off my chest.

Dear Sir,

I am truly sorry if you heard me just now, but for some reason I found it incredibly funny when you walked head first into that lamp post at break neck speed.  No pun intended.  Just a suggestion, but I would think you benefit from looking up from your Blackberry a little more often.


The Mama Laughing Uncontrollably From The Car

Dear BlueEyed Girl

Thank you for saving your Mother’s butt.  If you had not been here today, I never would have figured out how to turn the darn TV on.  Either I am getting that old, or Dear Hubby has one two many toys hooked up to this thing.  Thanks for saving movie night.


Mom (who is clearly going to be just like Grandma)

Oh boy, it’s going to be a long week!  Happy Monday!


  1. Hahaha! Great post for a Monday 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing. You can’t help but laugh when people bump into things while looking at their phones

  3. How could you not laugh. Now if only the people who actually drive while using their blackberries could read this post!!

  4. Oh yeah, I never wanted to be one of those mum’s that couldn’t work the technology, but sadly I think Im heading in that direction fast!!

  5. Ahh Blogger is eating my comments? Thanks to all who commented, I’m trying to recover them. Grrr
    Confession, sometimes I hate technology!

  6. When I got married and moved out, my mother’s biggest worry was how they would work the VCR (dating myself) without me. Seriously!

  7. Oh man, your grandma comment got me. We must fight, fight, fight that, girl. We must!

  8. My wife can’t figure out the DVD player, mainly how to switch the TV to display it, so she’s close to you there.

  9. Hahaha! I’m so annoyed by those addicted texters. Glad to hear that one ran into a pole instead of another person.

  10. I swear anytime the xbox is hooked up to the tv, I can never figure out how to get back to the regular cable!

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