Children’s AccuDial® –It’s Revolutionary

It’s a cranky day in this house. We are ill!

It’s time like these that I am happy to have confidence and knowledge in my skills as a Mama, to know what to do to get us through the sick days. When to treat cold symptoms with love, add Kleenex, chicken noodle soup, medicate with over the counter drugs and when to call the Doctor. Sometimes you have to rely on your Mama’s instinct to get you through, sometimes you have to educate yourself and reach for the brands you trust.

This is why I’m glad to have been introduced to Children’s AccuDial®.


I’m not a Doctor so won’t begin to tell you if one drug is better then another, but what I can tell you is that has a Children’s AccuDial® is a revolutionary system designed to ensure accurate dosing. This system is based on weight and not age.


The weight of children in the same age group can vary greatly, and they should not always be given the same amount of medicine. The solution: There is a two part labelling system on each and every bottle that allows you to turn the outer label until your child’s weight is displayed in the window, right below, the proper dosage displayed in millimeters.

This process takes the guess work out of children’s over the counter medications. Brilliant.

Scary fact: According to the American Medical Association, 72% of children are dosed inaccurately with OTC medications.

Inaccurate dosing may happen because of the use of inconsistent measuring devices such as teaspoons, age-based dosing is extremely inaccurate in the mid to upper ranges, or ordinary over the counter labels that may lack adequate dosing instructions. All preventable! AccuDialCapture

Children’s AccuDial® is formulated to treat many different types of cough, cold and allergy symptoms and can be found at most major pharmacies.

Wishing your families a safe and healthy winter!


Find more information about Children’s AccuDial® on facebook or follow them on twitter.

Thanks to Children’s AccuDial® for sponsoring me to attend Blissdom Canada 2011. Pictures courtesy of Children’s AccuDial®.


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  2. Hope everyone feels better soon.

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