You Found Me How?

You may have heard me whine about the day my dear Mama found my blog.  I know how she did this, she confessed, she googled me!  (ummm who googles their kids?) Anyway, I have to tell you, this did get me thinking.  How many other loved one’s, friends, or family have stumbled across this blog of mine and just not fessed up?

So, I give up.  Hands in the air.  Blog is now full on covered in pictures of me, myself and I so I think it might be time for you to say hello!!!!  I’m waving!

In other news, I decided to take a peek at some of the keywords that are helping people find my blog.  What I found ranged from predictable to head scratching?

There were the usual:

-life in the suburbs

-surviving suburb life

-suburb life

But then their the one’s that made me giggle:

-stupid people in the suburbs (hope that’s not me)

-mom uniform (my Lulus)

-how do you get boogers off the wall (sigh, been there)

-happy trip wishes (huh?)

-non-aggressive e-mail generator for assholes (um can’t imagine how you landed on my page!)

-old lady blouse (guess I have to own that one)

and my favourite

-blonde babes in sexy spandex (woot woot)

So hats off to you my readers, you really are some of my favourite people in the world.  Don’t be shy….leave a comment and as always, thanks for the giggle:)



  1. Those are fantastic! I know one of my friends was googling porta-potty services for a race she was directing and my blog turned up front and center. Nice.

  2. funny Steph, just yesterday a guy I went to highschool with stumbled across my blog and saw a picture of me he recognized. weird. I had to ask why he was frequenting the mommy blog circuit at all! sooner or later, everyone will find ya! lol

  3. haha always enjoy looking at the keywords…lol…and i really dont remember how i found you…

  4. Hi Steph,
    I went to King’s with you back in the day. I think originally Kelly may have mentioned on FB that you started a blog but I found you through the Dempster’s website.
    I enjoy your blog, keep it up!

    take care,
    Sophie Slokar

  5. You and I went to different pre-schools together.
    Remember me? I found you googling gorgeous grown women who think they aren’t.

    My biggest google search that shows up all the time: AGRI PORN.
    Dirty veggie loving people.


  6. The keywords that get people to may blog sometimes scare me.

  7. I have been saying for years that I need to check my searches and I always forget!

  8. I am so scared for the day my Mom finds mine. When I told her about it she was DISGUSTED. Some of my friends link my posts on FB. So, I am pretty sure she knows. And has chosen to keep her trap shut! 🙂

  9. I WISH my google results were so flattering. Or hilarious.

    My current #1 search result is something to do with happy dread locks.

    I’m at a loss for words here.

  10. very funny.. and i mist say.. though you are ALWAYS gorgeous.. your profile pic is just lovely!!!

  11. I suppose there’s worse things than your mom finding your blog…at least she fessed up!! Glad we will get to see your pretty face more often! At least that’s one plus!

    As for the keywords….someone found my blog by serching “big vag.” If that’s not awesome (NOT) I don’t know what is!

  12. Ha… I’m getting all paranoid about peeps finding my blog.. what’s up with that???
    My post with the most hits is the one that has “blue” in the title.. and a pic of John Travolta.
    Yes weirdness abounds.

  13. Hey – I google my kid ALL the time! 😉

    I don’t remember how I found you – but yeah, those google searches can be pretty random and, sometimes, disturbing.

  14. Soooo funny. I didn’t even want to know about me!

  15. Loving hearing how some of you “stumbled” across my blog! Getting some confessional e-mails too! I will try to respond to all. SOFIE! I can’t respond to you as you’re e-mail doesn’t appear to be set up but want to thank you for the sweet words and saying HELLO!!!

  16. I hardly ever find interesting things that lead people to my blog. So not fair!

  17. I like the real photo of you, you blonde babe in sexy spandex! Google searches are hilarious.

    I have people come up to me and say “Hey on your blog the other day…” and I am like what you read my blog…One day hubby even quoted me (I did not think he read it!)

  18. I actually google myself occasionally and I’m still safe… but I’ll have to check out what people search to stumble across me… how fun!

  19. Someone once found me by searching for “Naked Mother in Law”.

    Go figure.

  20. Hahahahaha oh yeah, bring on the spandex!!

  21. OK….I have to admit that I am the “Guilty One”…guilty of ‘Googling’ my own daughter! Glad I did though because I love reading your Blog and am your #1 Fan. Mwah! Stephanie’s Mom

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