We’ve Been Boo’d

As we rushed out the door this morning to try and make it to dance class on time, my youngest yelled out in almost hysterical excitement.  “We’ve been Boo’d!” 

This fabulous little package was sitting outside our doorstep in the frost, just full of treats and a sweet little note of explanation.  


The phantom ghost has come to town

To leave some goodies that you’ve now found

If you do not wish a curse to fall

Continue this greeting, the “Phantom” call.

And leave it there until Halloween.

This will scare away other Phantoms in town

And make sure other Phantom goodies are spread all around.

Second, make two treats, two Phantoms, and two notes like this-

Think of your neighbours who may have been missed.

You have only one day to act, so be quick!

Leave your treat at two doors where the Phantom hasn’t hit.

Deliver when your neighbour is out of sight-

Let no one suspect you, try as they might.

Be quick, be quiet and be sure not to be seen!
Come share in the fun of a a great Halloween

So now it was our turn.  We get to Boo the neighbours!  After much discussion about who our neighbour would be, I dove into my stash of goodies courtesy of the Hallmark Press Pause Panel.


We grabbed some candy from inside my “Hocus Pocus Treat Presenter” (love this creepy little box that dares you to take candy when you open it), added some toys from the dollar store, and topped things of with a couple of adorable Halloween cards.   How did I not think of giving Halloween cards before?  They are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen.

IMG_6682Oh, another adorable Halloween product sent to me was a skeleton that sings the “Hokey Pokey” and literally puts his whole head in!  Love!


The classic “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” book and this safe for kids to handle “Flickering Witch Candle”.    HallmarkCHARLIEBrown  HallmarkCandle

With our “boo” kit complete we were ready to slink off into the night to do our dirty work.  This is much more fun then you can ever imagine.  (of course as I sometimes do, I may have taken things a wee bit to far)  The girls and I decided to dress head to toe in black.  We got our criminal on.  Drove to our victims house, and parked just down the street.  I turned the SUV off and sent my children…giggling, into the dark night.  They tiptoed up to the marks door, hands clamped over their mouths to try and stay quiet, dropped their package, rang the door bell and ran like hell.  Well as fast as two little people laughing like crazy and tripping in the dark can run. 

Operation Boo. A great success.

As a Hallmark Press Pause Panel member, products were received for the purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. My daughter’s teacher started this at school last week and we Boo’d our neighbors last weekend. A fun way to spread a little cheer!

  2. How fun! My kids LOVE that skeleton guy who sings and takes off his head. We are the annoying people who press 14 buttons at once in the Hallmark store! 🙂

  3. That is such a cool idea. But who has time for it? People amaze me. I can hardly buy the candy.

  4. how cool is that…i wanna get booed…we should start that here….

  5. That sounds like some awesome fun.

  6. lovely post

  7. Our Halloween hits later tonight – we are so prepared for some good fun, just hope the weather holds!
    Love the cauldron!

  8. I love going Booing! We make it a tradition every year! This year I did it with my teenage girls group, which was just as much fun! There’s lots of giggles to be had with teenage girls!

  9. Awesome! I’ve never heard of Booing in our area, I only learned about it from online forums and people from the US.

  10. Sounds like so much fun! Hallmark has the best items. It’s my favorite store.

  11. That is the cutest Boo-ing I have ever seen!!!!
    I hope your girls have a great time!

  12. kathy downey says:

    Thanks so much for sharing,i can just hear the giggles

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