I’m The Boss; Of Shopping Anyway

Bean Bag Boss, a Review and discount from the Suburbs.

Once upon a time I was sure Bean Bag chairs were the answer to all of our problems.  You see, we had a couple of logistical and decorating needs.  The kids were fighting on the couch and we needed an extra seat in our teeny family room.  A Beanbag chair seemed like a good idea.  SweetGirl wanted a chair for her bedroom, but really we couldn’t justify the expense.  Picked up another cheapo and not so attractive bean bag chair.  My problems were solved, but my feeling towards these chairs?  They were meh.  The girls loved them, they looked cute, so for a while that was enough.

So to be honest when I was contacted by BeanBag Boss to see if I was interested in doing a review, my first response was, meh…..until I really looked at them. 

BeanBag Boss has a huge variety of colours, patterns, plaids, faux leather, lame and even limited editions to choose from!


The site also claimed “Comfort their when you need it”.  Suddenly, I was ready to do that review.

I made my selection and was immensely impressed by the easy check out process. A huge bonus when ordering from this site, FREE shipping.  Wow!

The Bean Bag Chair arrived when I was away.  My daughters were bursting at the seams, called me and begged permission to open the giant box.  Wish granted. 

I arrived home to this….


and a chair that looked kind of like this…..

BeanBag2 BeanBag4

This my friends is far more then any ordinary bean bag chair.  This is now the seat we fight over, and yes I include myself in this we. The chair is carried from the family room downstairs where it is the perfect “gaming” chair…to the living room upstairs where it is the most comfortable TV viewing seat in the house.  Can I just mention I am also a girl with a crappy nagging back injury?  At the end of the day, my back hurts.  Guess where I’m sitting blogging away at the end of the day?  In the BeanBag Boss!  Honestly, I kind of love it.  How on earth is this chair so comfortable?

Each beanbag is filled to perfection with lightweight foam beans. The filling is magic as it allows the beanbag to mold to your body like a second skin. Fabrics are made from mega-durable material for rugged good looks with the ultimate craftsmanship

The BeanBag Boss retails for approximately 169.00 but I have a discount code for you! If you buy before December 1st, 2011 and use the code HowToSurviveLife-999 you will receive $10.00 off! (1 use per purchase – unlimited usage) plus that free shipping!  Find them on facebook and twitter too.  Looking for a fun, comfy and functional addition to one of your rooms?  Take a peek at the BeanBag Boss site.  I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

Disclosure – I received compensation as a thank you for hosting this giveaway. The opinions on this blog are my own. Some pictures courtesy of BeanBagBoss.


  1. nice…this is going to be perfect….we are getting 2 bean bag chairs…one for each boy for christmas…

  2. I want a beanbag chair so badly now!


  4. I love it!

  5. Ummm..that thing is awesome! I might have to put in a Christmas request.

  6. Oh yeah, we put those “Fat Boys” in several client’s kids rooms! Very popular!!!!!

  7. Oh my holy hell! When did you finally put an actual picture of yourself up here. Now I get to look at your gorgeous face every time I open this page. 🙂

    I heart these chairs, by the way.

  8. Don’t they look fantastic. I love beanbags but was facing the same problem of wanting something cute looking for the boys. Its always a balance isn’t it.

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