I Am Not Winning Mama Of The Year

Apparently I am the meanest Mama ever, I’ve been pushing my dear daughters buttons…

*I will not allow my children to do a little jig at the top of a slide.  Apparently they think there is zero possibility they will fall down from the top of the 7 foot slide and land head first on the cement that surrounds.  I’m pretty sure the odds are much higher.  Mean Mama says SIT.

*Candy.  It’s not for every day.  Harsh.

*Asked my dear daughter to have a shower and was met with stomping feet. 

*Make-up does not belong on the fresh beautiful faces of children under 13.  Apparently I live under a rock because “everyone else is wearing mascara and lipgloss Mom and they are only 12”. Sigh. Not ready.

*Homework.  Yep. it comes BEFORE play dates.

*I can be heard repeating at nauseam… “Elbows off the table.  Did you brush your hair?  Did you brush your teeth?  Please don’t leave your dishes in the TV room.  Pick your clothes up off the floor!  If these toys are still here ten minutes from now I am throwing them out!” I don’t like my voice when it gets all squeaky and naggy like that!!!

Distracted, frustrated Mama emerges….

Pretty sure I said yes to something? I don’t remember what the question was.  I wasn’t listening.

Forgot to fill out a field trip form. 

Shushed my daughter because I couldn’t hear a stranger on the phone.  Gee, who cares what some telemarketer has to say?

Told them “No dessert tonight”.  I really didn’t have a good reason.  Kids don’t need dessert every night?

Hoping they can find clean clothes to wear tomorrow because I was so busy today to do one stitch of laundry.

Today was that day.  Boo. 

I am not winning Mother of the year. 


  1. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. I am right there with you. But the problem is, my Kiddo’s closest friends mom is the exact opposite. They can have all the candy they want, anytime (yet wondered why their 3-yr-old had a mouthful of cavities), Pringles ARE breakfast, showers and baths optional, and these LITTLE girls have make-up.

    And they think I am a square. Grr.

  2. Wow, you are really something. And, that something would be awesome! I long for the days when almost every other mom was just like you, instead of like the other mom you described. 🙁

  3. yeah but you will win something a whole lot better over time…

  4. You are not alone. We all have days like that. Hope today is better.

  5. sounds familiar, i had a day like that yesterday. let’s hope today is a better day.

  6. Au contrair (not sure I spelled that right, my French is terrible!) you are doing a terrific job as a mother. You’re saying no and being firm when and where you need to be. And yes, you’ll yell and lose your temper at nothing sometimes, but it happens to all of us – trust me on that! Children get harder, it seems, the older they get, huh? Different challenges and worries and issues with each age. Sigh. It’s everything BUT easy!

  7. Ah, chin up. You’re doing great. Being Mom means saying no and setting up the boundaries. It’s not always fun. We’re working on thumb sucking over here and I think my little girl would nominate me for the meanest mom ever award for my contstant reminders to keep that thumb out. Talk about being a broken record. She’ll get here one of these days, right???

  8. Welcome to the club!
    I was called mean recently when I would not let Cat (turned 9 in September) shave her legs. Told her she’s going to thank me for that one day.

  9. Maybe not. But you sound like most Mom’s that I know!

  10. Sigh, you’ve given me a glimpse into the future. And the future says I will undoubtedly dislike myself, my kids, or both.

    Hang in there, I think you’re doing a fabulous job! You’re a role model for REAL moms.

  11. glad i’m an adult.. cause i need desert every day… lol

    nah! your awesome.. and one day, those gals WILL SO appreciate how you raised em’ up!!!

  12. Keep it up. I’m the nagger in our household and my script is very similar.

  13. My first thought when I read the title was – uh yeah! Me neither!

    But actually I think you’re pretty inspiring that you never cease to scold them to pick up after themselves. Sometimes I let them win and bury myself under the clutter.

  14. My first thought when I read the title was – uh yeah! Me neither!

    But actually I think you’re pretty inspiring that you never cease to scold them to pick up after themselves. Sometimes I let them win and bury myself under the clutter.

  15. Your kids may not think you are ‘Mother of the Year’, but it sounds like you are doing a pretty good job 🙂

  16. Despite what the kiddos think, you DO win Mother of the Year! Know why? Because of all that you do your children will turn out to be AWESOME people!

  17. You are so not alone on this. We’ve all had days like that. 🙂

    I hear you on the make-up. If I can have my way, no make-up until AFTER she graduates from high school!

  18. Me neither.
    You are in good company. I think. 🙂

  19. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everything you have written here as far as I can see is in your daughters best interests. xx

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