And Then She Danced Out The Door

It seemed like the exact same Friday night scramble we have had every Friday for the past two years.  Pick up my babies after school, run them home, dinner waiting on the table. Quick like a drill sergeant I am barking questions left and right.  I have to get my oldest to her gymnastics practise on the other side of town.  There’s no time to mess around.


Is your hair done?

Clean body suit on?

Water bottles ready?

Have you had enough to eat?

Then wait a sec. Something is wrong. Very wrong. My BlueEyed girl usually bounces around the house on Friday afternoons answering my pepper of questions with a bit of sass, even a smirk. 

This weekend, she was dragging, there were tears in her eyes?  After a little digging I found out my sweet 12 year old girl was feeling very torn.  Friday night marked the occasion of the first Grade 7 and 8 Dance of the year.  After lengthy discussions all week she had decided she did not want to go.  This child of mine is completely committed to her gymnastics team, has a her first provincial meet coming up, feels ill prepared, and intended to skip the dance and work on her floor routine.  BlueEyes is a driven one, with a plan, I was not prepared for this change up she was throwing me.

After a little digging a confession spilled from those pre-teen lips that made my heart ache.  She wanted to go to the dance.  Everyone was going, all of the girls, she was afraid she was missing out on everything because of gymnastics.  Was she making a mistake skipping the very first dance of the year?  Oh no!  This would not do! 

Right then and there I took the decision from my child.  Wiped her tears, handed her a phone and a class list.  She called some girlfriends and tried to make some last minute plans while I held my breath and attempted not to eavesdrop.  A smile broke out on her face as she found a friend to ride to the dance with. The scramble began.  Shower, outfit, rules!!! 

Turns out when pre-teens are motivated they can move pretty quickly!  Hubby and I dropped two nervous, excited and extremely happy girls off at their first dance on time.  I will admit, I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

For the next three hours I tried to distract myself and hoped my “baby” was having a good time.

Finally…forever later, pick up time.  I saw her…walking out of the dance with a huge group of girls, giggling, chatting, skipping, arms linked, eyes shining.  Sigh.  Seeing your child this happy, this is a good Mommy Moment.  

I have survived my first school dance in the suburbs.  Happy pre-teen, happy Mom, Dad …with his head in the sand.  🙂

Today, all feels right in the world.  I will enjoy this moment while it lasts.


  1. Glad she had a good time. It is so hard missing events due to gymnastics.

  2. First dances here too! Only I have a son and boys seem a lot more as if they don’t care whether they go or not!

    Glad she went is a milestone!

  3. Oh gosh. Tears in my eyes! Tears in my eyes! I’m not kidding when I say, the older my children get, the more emotional I become, especially when I see them happy at school, with friends, at their events. I’m not really prepared to deal with heartbreak or tough decisions yet but hopefully I’ll be more ready with time! Glad your girls had a blast. SIGH. Being a mom is BITTERSWEET and SO emotional!

  4. way to go mom…making memories and shaping lives…glad it went well for her…

  5. Awesome move on your part. No doubt this was a big deal to your baby.

  6. oh you did good… real real good!!!

  7. Good job mama- very good job. You truly helped make it a wonderful day for her. And can I just say- I am so not ready for school dances and dates and such.

  8. This is such a feel good post; i love it!!!
    She IS growing up….but in her own time and with choices abound.
    I remember both my girls first dances; such fun!

  9. I’m not really sure why – but I totally teared up reading this post. The world would be a better place if we all listened to our girls like you listen to yours. Bravo, Mama.

  10. Good job! I’m so glad she went and had a great time!

  11. What a big milestone!

  12. Way to go, fellow suburban mom! I liked this post very much…been through the same thing a few times:) Glad she had fun after all that!

  13. Aah Glad she went and had such a good time.

    I saw this on Facebook today…

    Dads against Daughters Dating … Shoot the first one & the word will spread.

  14. what a sweet story sounds like she had a great time..

  15. Aww, sweet! I could almost picture her the way you described it in the last part… like a happy ending in a movie. So glad she enjoyed herself. Great call! 🙂

  16. Way to go mom! This brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad she got to go to her first dance.

  17. I love that I can read your blog sometimes and think oh that will be my Dd in a couple of years. Scary how fast they grow and beautiful and sad. Happy to see you again at a conference. Cheers.

    Love: Paula

  18. What a great ending. You did well Mama!

  19. Awww, poor girl, such a hard thing for a young girl. I’m glad she had a great time at the dance.

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