What 15 Years Of Marriage Has Taught Him

Hello! If you are popping over from ThetaMom where I am being featured today (squee) welcome!  Hope you will stay a while, jump in the conversation and perhaps get a giggle as I chat about the honest and sometimes crazy that happens behind the closed and competitive doors of the suburbs. 

This week I celebrated my 15th Wedding Anniversary.  As I sat at my desk lay in my bed with a big ol bag of chocolate covered almonds reflecting back, I tried to decide how to sum up the past decade and a half.  Do I talk about the powerful and sweet moments of our marriage like, bringing home our babies or buying our first home.  Perhaps the scary..surviving a health scare, saying goodbye to friends too soon, would be more appropriate.  Do I go all honest and talk about how marriage, a good marriage, is not all roses and sunshine, but requires some work.  Work of the very best kind.  That true love is a true gift worth fighting for?  No, I decided the best thing to do….talk about what 15 years of marriage has taught MY man.

Here is what my sweet smart man has learned about surviving marriage in the suburbs:

-Never to ask your wife if she has PMS.

-Sometimes it’s better to just shush…and let me rant.

-He knows he will always score when he delivers a heartfelt handwritten love letter.  The universal truth is that women are suckers for romance and I am the biggest sucker of them all.

-It will always be his job to take the garbage out.  Period.

-Nothing gets more man points in the bank then a back rub with no strings.

-You lose all those points if you fart in the marital bed.

-The wife, she could never look fat in those pants!.

-He may not be wrong all of the time, but when he’s right, best not to be too smug about it. 

-Bringing me coffee.  Always a good idea.

-He has learned just to pretend like he doesn’t know I’m spending all our money on new clothes, shoes and chocolate.  When Mama’s happy, everyone is happy.

*Worth noting, he has not learned that whiskers in the sink make me bonkers.  Underwear belongs in the hamper and that despite his best efforts, national holidays and family functions will occasionally fall on football Sundays.

Honey, I love you more fiercely every day, something I didn’t think was possible.  I hope we keep planning, dreaming and laughing together for the next 100 years or so.  Happy Anniversary….Mwah.


  1. These are the things that marriage has taught my man, too – especially the bringing me coffee…always a good idea part!

    Happy Anniversary mama and here’s to many, many more!

    And glad to feature you today on my blog – you have been with me from the very beginning!!


  2. Happy happy anniversary!:) This brought a smile to my face…you and your husband both obviously share a great sense of humor.:)

  3. You have taught your man well. Congrats on 15 years.

  4. Very sweet! Happy to have found you through Theta Mom. 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary! Too funny, I just wrote yesterday about lessons I have learned about dating vs. marriage. For sure takes work and effort! But the rewards rock.

  6. hubs is obviously a very smart man for learning these…lol…happy anniversary! 15 years…that is great stuff!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    I’m glad it only took your hubby 15 years to learn that stuff. He must be a quick study. 😉

  8. Happy Anniversary! I read the other post about the scary headache (!) too so I see where you’re coming from.

  9. Well said. Happy Manniversary 🙂

  10. He’s a good one. All those things would definitely help with the hubby appreciation. 🙂

    Minus the farts. Double minus that.

  11. whiskers in the sink…. why don’t they see them????
    Congrats and here’s to many more!!

  12. Happy Anniversary.
    My husband is a bit of a neat freak so his sink is actually cleaner then mine and he never misses the laundry basket. Actually it would be better if he did some sweeter things and said some kinder words!

  13. Happy, happy anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary!

  15. I know that many men never learn these things…even after 50 years. So you’re lucky! He sounds like a great guy.

    Now…what have YOU learned?

  16. Happy Anniversary!

    It’s always good when our men learn isn’t it? I’m still working on getting my husband to put his dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor right NEXT to the hamper. BUT, he does go out and get me my Starbucks in the mornings on the weekends! 🙂

    So happy to have found you through Theta Mom! I hope you get to do something fun to celebrate your 15 years! Congratulations again!

  17. Happy Theta Mom Day and happy anniversary! Glad your hubs has learned these valuable lessons over the past 15 years. Great blog!

  18. Happy Anniversary! Just read this to my husband and he got a kick out of it! Especially the back rub with no strings attached! I guess all men have an ulterior motive when giving back rubs!

  19. He’s got one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met for a wife. So yeah, he’d BETTER hop to it!

  20. You’ve taught him well. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary (a day late)!

    May you be blessed with many, many more anniversaries.

    And please post about any new lessons that “he’s” learned. 🙂

  21. Congrats on being the FB on Theta Mom!

    15 years is quite a milestone, Congrats!

    Yes, love letters are always sweet, haven’t gotten one of those from the Hubbi is ages!

  22. Yay! Happy 15! And congrats on TMC day. I would have figured it out eventually when I made my way over there, but I got to you first.

    I am usually the one who gets my husband coffee, but he does turn a blind eye when I spend money. Thank goodness because I just saw this really cute shirt …

  23. Happy anniversary to you both!!
    I wish I knew that garbage could be taken out by someone other than me!!!

  24. Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating 10 years next week. 🙂 Great blog!

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