So My Mother Found My Blog

As many of you know this little blog of mine was done anonymously for over a year, closer to two!  Only recently did I come out of the bloggy closet, quietly posting a real picture of myself, slowly letting small details of my real life and my real first name leak on to the cyber pages.  Letting my blog morph, grow, from a place where I rant from behind my closed doors to where I rant out in the open!

I bitch about how hard it is to be a good Mama in the suburbs, spill about what I really think about those tight Mama cliques in these parts, over share about flashing the lawn boy and what’s going on as we set the bedroom on fire …..oh um, yes we did,  AND NOW SHE KNOWS!!

My Mother knows it all!  She has been reading along for two whole weeks and wondering why I have not filled her in on my secret life! Umm where do I start? I talk about my loves, my hates, my hopes, my desires, my passions and yes…my naked times!

I don’t worry about punctuation.  I don’t concern myself with what anyone will think.  This has been my space, my place to rant to rave, to laugh and cry.

How can I keep blogging now that she KNOWS?

Well, I’ll tell her what she suggested.  She could “tell me some of her sexual secrets to make things even.” NOOOOOO

My burning ears. Stop Mama Stop.

Sigh…so now what?

Well, if My Mom knows (and she is creeping up on 70 years old and has managed to stumble across my little “job on the side” via google) I have to wonder, does everyone know? 

This my friends is why I am the one who does not lie or keep secrets.  I am no damn good at it.


Guess now I decide. 

a)  Tell all my friends and family that I’ve gone all double oh seven and have been leading a secret bloggy life.

b) Forget I know and just keep on blogging? 

c)  Quit.

Or panic?  Nope  not gonna.  Just going to think on it for a bit.  Sigh.  What would you do?

PS  Hi Mom! Ha


  1. I vote b
    Ill use of of my fave wuotes here
    go big or go home!

  2. Ps word to your mother!

  3. Quit? Absolutely not! Just keep being honest and funny. Sometimes people need to laugh at the everyday craziness of their lives or at someone elses craziness it makes us know that we are not alone! Just as long as you are not saying anything that might hurt someone you care about I say blog on!!!! I am sure your friends and family will love reading as much as I do!

  4. My Mom reads my every blog post…and so does my Dad I discovered (when I mentioned him and my wearing hot pants one post). Recently, my Mom mentioned my Grandmother wants to read as well. Eek! So long as my MIL never starts reading I’ll be okay.


  5. My Mother-in-law and family has read my blog since day 1 – that’s why I never say anything!! lol


  6. LOL!!!!:) She sounds like a good sport though!:)

  7. Sounds like your mom is pretty accepting….I say just keep doing what you’re doing! And you can’t quit now!

    So if she’s willing to share, will she be guest posting for you?

  8. Don’t quit. I’d miss your humor. Start another anonymous blog? Swear your mom to secrecy? Good luck. I hope my mom doesn’t find mine. She is not very computer literate so I think I’m ok.

  9. B!! Definitely B!!!


    I just found out about a week ago that my ex has been reading my blog. That would be the same ex that I refer to as CSJ on my blog. (just to remind you – CSJ stands for CockSucking Jagoff. Nice, right?) He mentioned something one day about something I had blogged about, and I tried to play it off, thinking, there’s no way he READ the blog. But then HE said, “Yeah, I read your blog!” Oh, well. C’est la vie!

    I AM starting to think I need a new code name for him, though, since things have taken an interesting turn around here in the past year or so. Maybe I can just come up with something else to fit CSJ. Cute Silly Jerk? I’ll keep working on it… 😉

  10. Keep it mum as long as you can. I wish I did not share with everyone…and yes, I get a lot of hits each day, most of them are from my Mom. Hence, I usually filter my stuff. I hate having to filter!

  11. Wow! That is really being stuck between a rock and a hard place. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is to get the thoughts off my chest EXACTLY in the way I am thinking – without having to worry about filtering it for someone else.

    I have NO idea what I would do certain people were to read it… let alone my mom 🙂

    I wouldn’t quit, if I were you.. BUT, I would also worry about having to filter certain thoughts.. Ugh.. Basically, I don’t know!

  12. haha….just let it be….be real and let the chips fall where they may…

  13. You’re not alone in your secret bloggy life! I don’t discuss my blogs with people in “real life”. Even though it’s a very public forum, it still feels very private to me and I like it that way.

  14. I vote for B!!!

  15. Everyone in my whole damn life knows about my blog, including my bosses. Meh, it’s fine. Let’s put it all out there.

  16. Just put your head down and soldier on. It’s all good!

  17. You are not allowed to quit blogging!! Like any other job it will evolve in different ways. Maybe this is a time of evolution. Carry on and if you feel the need to edit a bit more on certain topics you might just find you want to add new topics.

  18. I veto that whole quitting thing and go with option B:-) Sounds like your mom is a cool lady and doesn’t mind knowing all your dirty little secrets;-)

  19. CLEARLY quitting blogging is not an option. 🙂

    I say you just come out. We are here for you, girl!

  20. Yep I vote for b also- definitely not c!! Besides it sounds like your mom is pretty cool with it all 🙂

  21. If your mom is okay with it….then keep on.

    My blog is “anonymous” in that all of our names/location is kept on the QT. All of the pictures are us (in all our glory) so if someone I “knew” stumbled across it they would know instantly.

    I pray every day they don’t though – because even though I filter (to a degree) I don’t filter THAT much.

  22. You do you, mama. And you’ll keep us loving you! And your mom will be proud at how you put yourself out there, keep it real and have everyone in bloggy land trusting they can count on you for a smile or a virtual hug!

  23. Don’t quit! Keep blogging. It’s fun, and your family will love your honestly, humor and great stories. Not to mention, it’s just the perfect online diary of our lives. Don’t quit! 🙂

  24. It took me about a year after my parents found out, but in the end I had to quit (my previous blog). It’s not that all of my future posts were going to be complaints about my parents, but still… the fact I was no longer anonymous changed the nature of the blog, so I felt I had to stop.

    That’s also why when I started the new(er) blog, I came out from the beginning with my real name.

  25. I vote for option B.

  26. don’t bother telling friends…only a few of mine know and they creep…just keep on bitchin out loud and loving it!!


  27. My Mom does not read, my mother in law does – go figure 🙂
    But filter this way … knowing that one day your children will read every word you write – how about that as your filter?

  28. i so vote B!!!
    i have never told a friend or family member (except hubs) that i blog..

  29. Haha, that’s funny! I say “B” keep blogging anyway.

  30. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

  31. B. Don’t let them change you.

  32. Forget you know, we’ll never tell anyone.

  33. Funny you say that, i was having a time of it with a girlfriend of mine, so i blogged about it but changed names, places, times. She texted me and was like, i know you are mad at me. I said, no im really not. She said uhmm Twitter. I was mortified. I didnt know she read my blog, or even went on Twitter. Now it just seems like everyone i know reads it secretly. It changes the way i blog, dont you agree??

  34. Just keep blogging! Who cares what people think of things that you’ve said on here. It’s what you think and you’ve put it out there!

  35. Never ever quit! If it makes you feel any better, my mom reads my blog too. And lots of friends and family members. And there is so much that I can’t blog about because of this, but I still blog! Heck, my mom reads my tweets and tells me when I am staying up too late or when I’m tweeting too much. THAT IS ANNOYING AS ALL HECK, let me tell you…

  36. This is funny although I know where you’re coming from. I wonder how you feel this many years later, lol!

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