One More Reason To Shower Alone

When your wife tells you, no.  No thanks.  Honey don’t.  It’s not a good idea!  Maybe the man of the house should listen…

At the tail end of our week away, the in-laws joined us at the cottage on the lake. It is after all, their cottage.  After a day at the beach, the entire family require showers to get the sand off our sun burned bodies.  Mr. Amorous decides this is not something I should be doing all alone.  Fool.  His parents are in the house! Does he listen to my arguments?  My pleading that NO, he should not join me?  Uh, of course not.  He is a man and he is determined it is naked time.

SassyModernDad jumps in the shower with me. I heave a heavy sigh and announce “Did you at least grab a towel?”  Opps!  Nope he did not.  He pops out of the shower and promptly splays his naked bod all over the ceramic tile. Hard.

I grabbed a towel. Gasped, gave a little scream, and in less then three seconds have at least 7 thoughts.


-Oh Crap.

-Is he okay?

-Is he conscious?

-Do I get out?

-I’m going to have to run for help all nekkie and then his parents are going to know we were in the shower together!


Thankfully. HorneyHubby hopped right back up, grasping his left foot in his right hand.  His toe, not quite in the right spot. He smashed it against the toilet on the way down.  Ug. Super broken.

What does he do then?  Gets back in the damn shower. 

I spent the next 20 minutes alternating between fits of giggles and calling him an idiot.

Good thing he is cute.

One thing I know for sure….life will never be boring.


  1. Now THAT’s a first, but with all that giggling, I’m wondering if it won’t be the last? 😉

  2. Bahah!! I hope his toe is ok 🙂

  3. haha cant let a little thing like a broken toe get in the way you know…smiles.

  4. That is the best! So many ways that could have gone…

  5. tee hee hee!! I hope he went and had that toe looked at!

    Once, back in our younger days, my ex-husband decided to do the same thing. Somehow, he knocked himself off-balance, and started falling backward against the shower curtain, which of course, did nothing to slow down his fall. To this day, I can picture him falling backward with this crazy, confused look on his face, while my shower curtain ripped down off the hooks. You know damn well I just stood there laughing hysterically!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is my biggest fear when co-showering lol!

  7. My husband always steals all the hot water! No showering with him for me.

  8. He doesn’t give up that’s for sure! 🙂

  9. Love it. I had to let my new guy know that shower time is MY TIME. I don’t want to hear the handle turning, no voice coming through the door, nothing. No no no.

  10. Lol! Now that is funny. My husband would totally want to join me too- sorry he gor hurt but maybe it serves him right 🙂

  11. LOL Glad he wasn’t unconscious.

  12. Oh-Em-Ge…I laughed out loud (damn, hope I didn’t wake the kids) while reading this…because The Man has done the same exact thing! So great!


  13. A real man never lets broken bones get in the way of scoring.

    Well, depends on which body part is broken I guess….

    You go girl!

  14. Well, he IS a man and a man wouldn’t let a little thing like a broken toe ruin his fun!

  15. Is it seriously broken?

  16. hahaha

  17. When you are both old and gray, you could look back on this and grin (hopefully still with all teeth intact!) knowingly at each other! =D

  18. LMAO got to love men. sounds like something mine would do.

  19. Oh my…that is hilarious. Shower wetness can cause all sorts of accidents!!!!

  20. LOL That is awesome!

  21. LOL! Showering together just isn’t as sexy as it looks in the movies!

  22. It’s just so cute how much he loves you and wants you!

  23. Meow! showering together?! that’s hot!

    Me? i am a total hot water hog and can totally not share! lol.

  24. hahah this is so funny! great blog!

  25. Thats what I like to see, straight back on the horse!!

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