My List of Yuck

It’s Monday morning and I feel ranty.  Instead of being all blue, I will just list, in no particular order, a variety of things that make me go Yuck…

~Baby toads held in front of my nose by 8 year old girls.

~Spiders so big they can only be killed with a hammer. 

~The slime in the bottom of the drain after you wash the dishes.  Shiver.

~Belly button lint. 

~Chronic Halitosis.  GO to the dentist, get some gum, brush your teeth? It’s not that hard.

~Black dog hair on the white ceramic tile.

~Sticky stuff found when you place your hands on the handle of a grocery cart.

~Smell of gas that can never be washed off your hands no matter how hard you try.

~”Estimates” to fix your TV that run in to the hundreds of dollars.

~People who lie.

~The end of summer…that brings the cold


Rant away.  What’s on your list of yuck?


  1. So with you on most of your list…but the one thing I truly hate is the freakin’ dog hair all over my house! I am over it!

  2. So with you on most of your list…but the one thing I truly hate is the freakin’ dog hair all over my house! I am over it!

  3. People who yell at the girl in the drive thru window. Umm, if I can hear you in my car, you are obviously the one being rude!!! UGH.

    Animal hair — right there with you, except mine is cat and not dog.

  4. So with you on the spiders! I’m going to add people who do strange things in locker rooms–plucking eyebrows, sloughing callouses–save it for home!!

  5. People in Russian spit on the ground constantly, so there’s always these big loogies to watch out for when you’re walking down the street – SO GROSS.

    And today??? I opened a package of chicken legs before putting them in Shake-n-Bake…wedged between the pieces was a giant squashed dead housefly. Buh-bye to that dinner.


  6. ditto to it all!!!

  7. The water main being broken and having no water!!

  8. I can relate to the spider thing! *shutter*

  9. Dog hair everywhere is a definite yuck. His hair even gets into sealed containers.

  10. i was under the deck on saturday when this spider the size of a small dog and just as hairy crawled out…yes i squeeled like a school girl…sorry…

  11. Hi there. I can relate to the dog hair everywhere when I was younger. Found you thru other mommy bloggers. Would love the follow at

  12. All bugs, every last one of them. Those are the worst, worst, worst!!!!

    Don’t you love how stores now have wipes readily available for those carts? People are so dirty!

  13. I would say mold in the shower… I clean and clean and it won’t go away for a short time but it is back.. Have a great day..

  14. My non-potty trained son doing his business on the floor, the rug, the couch, the dining room chair, the …

  15. I can’t stand animal hair on anything… makes me dread my children asking for furry animals.. oi…

  16. Cat throw up all over my outdoor dining table.
    ’nuff said.

  17. A\ugh! Sick, sick! I didn’t even make it halfway through the list before gagging!

  18. Great post!!

  19. that’s a pretty good yuck list. ditto to all! especially the end of summer. happened way too fast.

  20. Just added a new one to my list today- smashed up pop-tart stuck to the carpet. Argggg

  21. Yep, that is a list of yuck! I really hate the grocery carts. I think we need to wear rubber gloves.

  22. With the colder weather coming, I’ve killed two giant spiders in the last few days! Gross!

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