Maybe Now I’ve Seen Everything?

-A young girl with seven piercings in each ear, two in her nose, one in her lip and one in her bulging child like abdomen. 

-A toddler, “double fisting it”.  Chocolate milk in one bottle, blue Kool-aid in the other?  Sigh.

-A man in a wheelchair.  Three emerald green parrots on his shoulder, poop running freely down his back, and an empty bird cage perched on his lap.

-Huge groups of flirty teens running amuck.

-Proud Dad’s holding hands with their daughters.  Both having conquered their biggest fears.

-Men with no teeth hocking their wares.

-Mama’s snapping pictures of so many firsts.

-Screaming kids.

-Screaming adults!  (That might have been me.)

-People smiling, laughing, strolling, and munching.

All sites and sounds from the best people watching on earth.

The annual fall fair.

 Fair  Fair3   P5250307


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  1. I was wondering if you had been to my town, lol!
    We went to the county fair this weekend as well. Makes for great people watching!

  2. or foods that should be eaten let alone fried…haha i love the fair

  3. I go to the State fair for the food and the people watching!

  4. Oh the fair. Always good for some fried concoction on a stick and fantastic people watching!

  5. Oh I could have written one of these haha! Also went to a fair this weekend. Apparently it was a small town fair that had grown up rather quickly over the years of construction of new homes in the area… it was like country fair met city fair. Best part was the smash up derby! Didn’t get myself on any rides though. Going to another one this coming weekend!

  6. nice…the fiar is always filled withthe most fabulous people…haha…the parrot dude…there has to be a story there…

  7. It really is all out there on display at a fair or amusement park, isn’t it? Hope you had fun.

  8. Mmmm.. sounds like an interesting night to say the least.. lol

    btw– i’m back on blogger!!

  9. Fairs really bring out the best in people, don’t they? And, as I learned this past weekend, flea markets do, too.

  10. Oh yes indeed you can see it all at the Fair. We went on Saturday!

  11. Sounds delightfully entertaining!:)

  12. There are a few of ya there that are normal, but man oh man, does it bring out the oddballs!

  13. Yes! I fit a category or two myself there…!

  14. Oh man I miss the fair! I’d give just about anything to be around for the one we have back at home this time of year.

  15. I love all the people watching… even though some people freak me out!

  16. Bird poop is temporarily gross. Piercings are forever gross. ughh.

  17. Oh yes, you see everything at the fair.

    When I think of piercings, I think of National Lampoon’s Vacation where they meet the weird ho-dunk cousins and the teenager has safety-pinned his lips together all the way across. He can only mutter.

    Cracks me up every time I think of it.

  18. People watching is always one of the best things. And fairs? I love those two. Great combo.

  19. It sounds like our local show – always something to make you gawk just a little!!

  20. Sounds like it was a fun day 🙂

  21. Sounds like a great day.

    Get your mullet count on!

  22. Looks like you had lots of fun! 🙂 I haven’t been to a fair in years! I think I will have to wait till next year now…oh well!

  23. How funny… especially the empty bird cage and the poop…

  24. looks like it was so much fun!! i came to my parents’ place for the fair, but all it has done all weekend is rain 🙁 booooo…


  25. I was gonna say the same thing, if you lived here. I guess every town or city has its fair share of eccentric people. I like how you put the toddler was “double fisting” it. That sounds like something my 3yr. old would do. But that disgusting that the man in the wheel chair had bird poop all over his back.

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