Do You Remember When?

My aching heart. This video by GymChicksRock on youtube struck a deep chord with me.
I am the mother of a competitive gymnast. She trains twelve hours a week, and spends three hours a week commuting in the car. She lives, breathes, loves gymnastics. I am a proud Mama…but am trying to protect her heart. The heart of the girl who is giving gymnastics her everything. We are trying to show her the world outside of gymnastics, cheering from the sidelines, encouraging her to give it her all, helping her go for her dreams always aware that a day will come when we will have to coach her to move on to a new dream. The ‘Lympics is not in her future and that is fine! We are so proud.
Sigh. It’s a difficult balance.
Here is to all of the competitive athletes out there giving it there all every single day, and to all the parents wiping tears, bandaging knees and cheering with all that they have got from the side lines. I wish you luck.


  1. Wow, I didn’t expect the first thing I read this morning to make me cry. Thanks a lot, Sister Girl!

  2. Sorry!! I cry every single time I watch it!

  3. My Peanut just started gymnastics last week. It’s amazing to see how competitive some of the kids/parents are already…(at five years old).

    I struggle to find the balance between wanting her to experience lots of things and experiencing the deep satisfaction from really being GOOD at something.

    It is indeed a fine balance.

  4. That video made me tear up and remember my own competitive gymnastics days. It is a tough sport for sure.

  5. it is a delicate balance..keep loving on her mom…and be there for the times you can not protect her…

  6. That video is amazing. I remember wanting to be in gymnastics so bad when I was growing up.

  7. That was quite a powerful video. What a tug and pull. I used to be there myself, but when I got to high school, I dropped the competitions for the social. You’re a great mom!

  8. Oh, heart wrenching! Being a competitive athlete is a hard job, for the whole family.
    I loved gymnastics as a kid…I was really good too. Unfortunately, I had to stop taking classes for financial reasons. I would have loved to go further.
    Best of luck to your sweetie!!!

  9. oh!
    thanks for sharing this!

  10. that is so true…

  11. You made me cry!!!

    I think when kids start out doing a sport they love, they don’t realize just how hard it is to move to the next level.

  12. It is a hard lesson to learn. I do love when people have a passion for something like that. The pain will come and that is so sad.

  13. Wow! That is intense. Good to see though, it helps us remember to put things into perspective and understand!

  14. Awww. šŸ™

  15. What a touching video! I remember growing up and trying new things and struggling :’no matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t do that one move’…

    I am thankful everyday for my parents supporting me in everything I did no matter HOW I did.. and being proud of me no matter what. It meant and still means the world to me!

  16. That’s such a competitive and grueling sport. Hopefully, she’ll continue to enjoy it for a little longer.

  17. It is a sad video. And what’s worse is that some girls have their heart set on winning only for it to get broken. And then you have the girls that are forced to do it because thats what their parents want them to do. I’m so glad right now that I only have a boy. Girls get hurt more emotionally than boys, well the boys don’t show it because their taught not to cry or show emotions. So would that be worse trying to keep everything bottled up inside? Maybe boys get hurt more emotionally? What does everyone think?

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