Wordless Wednesday..because laughing is good for the soul




Who knew strategically placed photo booths could be so much fun?  Just one more of the unexpected bonuses of BlogHer11.  Thanks for the giggles Pfizer, You-Phoria and of course Shelagh of @practicalmum!


  1. I love photo booths. I used to take those photos with friends all the time when I was a kid. Fun!!

  2. So fun!!

  3. YES! Giggle on!

  4. ha. someone is having fun…

  5. Loved laughing with you all through BlogHer ’11! Laughing and time with great friends is so cherished – and now caught on camera!
    Miss you!

  6. Laughing is good for the soul!! Looks like you were doing plenty of it!


  7. You are both so cute.
    If I didn’t laugh every day…well, I would be dead. 😉

  8. giggles are contagious!!!!

  9. Love the photos! You two are a pair. 🙂

    Hoping BlissdomCanada has a photobooth? Maybe?

  10. Very fun!

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  12. So much fun. I wasn’t at this wedding but I know someone who had a booth at their reception. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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