Things I’m Not Thinking About During Sex -Rewind

Yes you read that title right.  Sarcastic?  True?

You decide.

I am not making a grocery list.

I am not trying to figure out if I have anything to put in the kids lunches tomorrow.

I am not trying to remember if I returned that movie on time.

I am not trying to decide if that is a child crying or a dog barking.  Did I lock the door?

I am not trying to think up an excuse to get out of going to that dinner party tomorrow night.

I am not trying to remember the name of that song that is stuck in my head.

I am not worrying about how late it’s getting.

What?  Seriously, what are you not thinking about?

Unless of course I am on vacation, or like super well rested, or been wickedly bribed by …well none of your business, then really, I’m not thinking about it.


  1. i do NOT hum music in my head, hee hee 🙂

  2. OMG! I missed this the first time around! So glad I caught it now…

    I’m never thinking about our next house which will have a bigger bedroom, farther from the kids’ rooms, with its own bath.

  3. I am not thinking about how selfish he is, every time.

  4. I am not thinking about the massage I want to get that weekend.

  5. I’m not thinking about how I’d be much more into it if he asked me earlier than 11 pm

  6. I am not thinking about work, kids, my cell phone ringing, if my car’s out of gas, my grocery list, tomorrow’s dinner menu, my kids sport schedule, my daughter’s recent attitude, packing for my next work trip… OMG… I can’t STOP!!!

  7. I am not thinking about how my leg doesn’t really do….ow! Hip cramp! Hip cramp! I TOLD you!!

    No. Not thinking that.

  8. I know it’s true. Been there done that!

  9. I am not thinking about how if you would agree to buy that new bedroom set I wouldn’t be thinking about how much noise the bed is making.

  10. I am not thinking about how I wish I could stop thinking so much!

  11. Hahahahahaha! I so get this.

  12. I’m not thinking. Just fully living in the moment, each and every day.

    (Sarcastic or true?)

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