So If I Wear A Size Large. . .

I took my little one’s to the mall today in an attempt to do a one stop back to school shopping trip. Pft. Yah, that didn’t work out.  Two pre-teens and one Mama all agreeing on clothes that are appropriate for back to school?  Well, that my friends is a post for another day.

Today I need to rant about this:

When I went shopping what I did find was a cute little shirt for me.  Kind of like this one!

ShirtA simple little plaid number with short sleeves and buttons up the front.  My problem.  I barely fit into the size large.  Barely!  Now here is the thing. I think I’m a pretty average Mama.  A bit on the tall side, but average.  I’m 5 ft 9” and weigh..well, none of your business what I weigh! (but the airlines aren’t asking me to step on a scale before I’m allowed on a plane. Average.)

So here is my question to you.  If this average Canadian Mama is barely squeezing her bod with teeny boobs into a LARGE size shirt, what on earth are the women who are just a wee bit bigger then me or with big boobs wearing? 

Imagine if a clothing line was created where a medium size woman could fit into a medium size shirt.  If the next size up was Regular and the third size was Normal?  Just a thought.  Sigh.  Clothing designers, they aren’t making it any easier to survive life in the suburbs. 


  1. I hate how they size women’s clothes. My husband can be clothes without trying them on because men’s clothes are much more similarly sized.

  2. I’m convinced every year they make them smaller and smaller!

  3. I really hate how sizes are not regulated

  4. It’s so weird how much they can vary, too.

  5. sizes are so jacked up…a large in one may be XL in another…cant trust it off the rack any more…

  6. So annoying. The Gap makes everything HUGE…even mediums sometimes swim on my 6’0 AVERAGE weight frame. Was is a junior’s size shirt? You weren’t at Abercrombie were you? 🙂

  7. Imagine living in Paris! I input my size on an online store and they added 10 euros!!!!!

  8. Its so annoying! What size I am at Old Navy is not the same when I go to Loft which makes shopping online impossible! I have big boobies so I would love a big boobies store haha;-)

  9. It usually depends on who the store is catered to, I’ve noticed. If there is “young people’s music” blaring out (when did I turn into my mother), and the salespeople are young enough to be my children, odds are even the XL won’t fit. I’m looking at you Bluenotes and Le Chateau. Those stores are best for purses and shoes.

    When I buy clothes at Reitmans, Suzy Shier and Ricki’s, I’m usually a large or even a medium. Much better for the old self esteem!


  10. I never worry about the size of a shirt because of how screwed up sizing is. If it looks good on, ignore the size, and if it bothers you, cut that tag out girl!

    Also, wondering if you were in the jr’s section? They always cut them differently.

  11. The interesting thing (and don’t hit me here!) is that I know sizes have actually gotten larger. Ie: a size 4 today is equivalent to a size 6 of yesterday. So I think you came across a big fluke–i’ve seen pics of you and you aren’t a large!

  12. Don’t even get me started on button down shirts and big boobs.

  13. Sizing is so off the reality, isn’t it? I’ve seen you and you’re a tiny thing, so that’s just crazy!

  14. Yeah…those cute little shirts? The ones with the buttons? Those of us “graced” with big boobs don’t get the wear them. Sadz.

    Not sure if you have Forever 21 up north, but that store is the epitome for lame sizing. When I was in college, my size 4 friend had to buy their large. I knew at that moment I would never be shopping there.

  15. I feel you, most of the stuff I get seem to be larges now, I am a size 4! haha

  16. They don’t make it easy at all. But then again, most of it is manufactured in hell holes with tired people sewing them!

  17. i know right??!!!
    and if you try to shop SEVERAL different brands.. oh my!!
    i think all sizes EVERYWHERE should be the same!!

  18. In the olden days (lord) I used to wear a size 5. I could pull it off the rack, go straight to the cashier and pay for it without trying it on and when I got home it would fit perfectly.

    These days I even have to try on socks.

    I can’t remember where I read this but some woman said she went clothes shopping, found something that fit and didn’t look at the size. When she got home the label said it was 00Petite. She was not a 00Petite and opined that manufacturers now do this so we can all feel thin.

    Did I mention I even have to try on socks these days?

  19. Maybe it was a juniors sized shirt in the wrong section?? That has happened to me before…I thought I was trying on a medium or large, but it turned out the shirt was in the wrong secton! Phew…and here I thought I was gaining more weight!


  20. I agree with the ladies – no two shirts/pants are cut the same.

    I have a friend who is a merchandizer for a LARGE clothing chain and she has told me that the clothing they order is cut to be geared towards a younger crowd – IE girls without hips. I MAY take a size X, but shopping there I won’t be able to squeeze into it..

    I have gone into a store to try on an item and found *I* need to try on a large for it to fit.. and I am incredibly petite. I am not sure who they are sizing these items for!

  21. I’m a 38 C with an average sized torso- button down shirts are the enemy!

  22. Ignore the sizing.. it’s one more ploy by “the dieting industry” they have sizing elfs that go into the stores at night and swap the labels all around.
    Just buy what looks good and ignore what’s on the label… labels are bad. ;0)

  23. UGH! I hate that! Why can’t women’s sizes be universal?!?!?

  24. Oh the sizing thing makes me absolutely crazy!!! I have clothes in my closet right now that span four different sizes – and they all fit perfectly! How is that possible?

    And don’t even get me started on the “petite” department….used to be I could go over there find a pair of pants that fit everywhere; including the length. Now? Now, apparently “petite” people have gotten much, much taller. Or I have shrunk; which I doubt. Now EVERYTHING has to be hemmed. Grr.

  25. Yes and one brand I will be a small another brand a large! So annoying. I am finally able to wear shirts like that, when I was nursing, well there were gaps.

  26. even worse if it were abercrombie or hollister…they are TERRIBLE!

  27. It’s hard to imagine who they are designing for, the way some of these clothes are cut. I’m not far from proportional but they are clearly thinking of someone else!

  28. Proof: My size 2, 5 foot 2 sister, recently couldn’t wear an extra small. WHAT?

  29. Sizes run crazy these days!!

  30. It’s a feak shirt! Big boobed girls are real picky about even trying to fit into anything, and I’m not that big, can still shop at victroia secrets, barely. But usually I try on a small or medium, a large would be way too big on me, unless it’s a freak shirt.

  31. I feel your pain. Clothing sizes are ridiculous these days. My closet is filled with all sizes from extra small to large. I always take at least 2 different sizes into the dressing room with me ALWAYS because it is inevitable that I will need a different size.

  32. Isn’t that sad 🙁 My husband found that out a few years ago with Tommy H. clothes, they were no longer cut for an average man so he stopped wearing them.

  33. It is truly crazy how they size things!

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